Micheal Jackson’s Ex Publishes A Tell-All Book “Michael and Me: The Untold Story of Michael Jackson’s Secret Romance”

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A tell-all book about late pop icon Micheal Jackson is set to hit bookstores on August 29, which is also Michael Jackson’s 58th birthday.

Written by an alleged ex of Micheal Jackson, Shana Mangatal, the book talks about everything she had with him over their twenty year relationship.

46 year-old Shana was once an actress who Jackson cast in two of his short films.

She revealed in an Radar Online interview that Michael Jackson’s death was so painful for her that this was the first time she was able to openly talk about the King-of-pop and their affair.

In the book titled Michael and Me: The Untold Story of Michael Jackson’s Secret Romance, Mangatal revealed Jackson’s true sexuality.

The book also talked about how she was able to keep her relationship with the king-of-pop a secret for two decades as their relationship was quiet and sweet and real — a closely guarded secret, known only to a few trusted employees and friends.


In her book, Mangatal claimed she met Jackson as a fan in 1988, the two became and stayed friends until Michael Jackson’s death from sudden cardiac arrest in 2009.

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Her book also revealed that Jackson flirted with her on their very first meeting, and that was when she knew his true sexuality. Despite rumors that Jackson may have been asexual with no sexual feelings or desires at all, Mangatal says there was more to Jackson than met the eye.

A press release on Amazon read:

Shana continues to treat Michael (and his legacy) with respect. This is not an exploitative tell-all, but rather a book that shows the side of Michael people never knew. In it, Shana paints a more intimate picture of this beloved, yet very misunderstood man.

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