Messi Is Not The Most Marketable Sportsperson Of The Year

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You would think with Messi’s dominance on the field of play, he will be very marketable, but unfortunately he is not in the top ten of a recent survey published by magazine SportsPro.

The prolific player is behind Indians cricketer, Virat Kohli, Juventus Paul Pogba and Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry.

Lionel Messi ranks 27th in the world, with Novak Djokovic in 23rd and Usain Bolt in 31st.

According to SportsPro, which does extensive research on business of sports, the criteria of ranking athletes from across the world gives marketing potential over a three-year period from this summer.

The components they have assessed are value for money, age, home market, charisma, willingness to be marketed and crossover appeal.



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