Man Threatens To Inject Uber Driver With HIV Syringe During Heist

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An Uber driver, Sebastian Lora, was robbed by Matthew Steven Francis, 30, after the latter got into his car at 11 PM, Saturday (May, 14) and threatened to stab Lora with a HIV infected syringe if he didn’t conform to his demands.

Lora who was driving a black Toyota, briefly stopped at a convenience store where he was waiting for a female passenger purchasing items from within when Francis attacked.

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Francis made his way to the Lora’s ride, slipped into the passenger seat which wasn’t locked and pulled out a syringe which he said was infected with HIV. The criminal then threatened to stab Lora if he didn’t start driving.

Out of fear of being injected, Lora obliged and drove a few blocks away from the store after which the assailant instructed him to pull over and stole his phone and wallet before escaping.

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Francis was later found and arrested with Lora’s possessions as well as a syringe and was charged with robbery with a deadly weapon, kidnapping and attempted criminal transmission of HIV.

While in custody, Francis confessed to using drugs including heroine throughout the day and before the robbery.

Police spokesman, Mark Economou, said it was the court’s decision to order a test of the syringe to determine what was in it adding that the result of the test would be shielded under medical privacy laws.

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Source, Sun-Sentinel

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