Ladies, Know The Best Sex Position For Your Zodiac Sign

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You’ve probably read about how your star sign can influence you, the people you meet and how your daily routines go. But you most likely don’t know that it can also play a significant role in the kind of sex positions you enjoy. Astrologers say your zodiac sign as a male or female may have an impact on how you go about sex and if you’d be willing to stay in charge or let your partner take control.

Check out the zodiac signs you and your partner belong to and get the steamy sex position that’s best for you both.


This sign is always on the lookout for new fun and interesting moves. They however don’t want someone that is too emotional. For this reason, G-Whiz position which is lacking in close and mushy intimacy is most ideal. The position is quirky and can get you and your partner satisfied without being all up in each others faces.


leap frog
Members of this sign are very passionate, sensitive, loving and have a severe need for everyone around them to be happy. They can switch from dominant to recessive in bed provided they connect with their partner and it makes them happy. A switch from cowgirl, reverse cowgirl to doggy style helps to put you and your partner on a level field.


According to astrologers, people that belong to this zodiac sign want a lot of attention and are usually not afraid of asking or showing it. In the bedroom, they are usually adventurous and want to experience an intense level of stimulation. The best position for an Aries woman is the reverse cowgirl position as it puts her in the spotlight, while also allowing her to change and control the pace and rhythm of penetration.


stand and deliver
Women that belong to this sign are very sensual and have a deep connection with their bodies which makes them enjoy a lot of sensations all at once. The sex move that would be most enjoyable is the stand and deliver move because the position allows your man a lot of space to stimulate your clit which increases the sensations you feel. You can get more kinky if you and your partner are up to it by having him tie your hands.


pinball wizard
People that belong to this star sign enjoy trying out a variety of things and also experimenting. They are less concerned about being gratified and more concerned about conquering a new challenge. The Pinball Wizard position is the go-to move. It entails you sitting in a partial bridge position where most of your weight are resting on his shoulders while he penetrate you from a kneeling position. This position is perfect for someone that’s up for a challenge.


People of this sign enjoy feeling close to their partners as they have a high value for intimacy with a need to feel secure. The missionary style or any style that gets you and your partner intimately close is one sure way to go.


Leo women are queens and they love to be in control. They also want a lot of attention even as they show off to their partners. A cool sex style for Leo women is the cowgirl position which shows him who’s in charge.


butter churner
Virgos are naturally business-oriented but they also have a sexual side to them. They are usually interested in exploring their sexuality and are willing to try a variety of sex positions. The ‘butter churner’ move is ideal and perfect since it spells out your person and that is someone that’s ready for anything.


reverse scoop
Libras are usually relationship-oriented and love to connect emotionally with their partners. They however enjoy a little drama now and then to avoid getting bored with the same old thing. The Missionary style is quite uneventful for women of this sign because they’d get bored by it. Trying out the reverse scoop which moves sideways retains the intimacy and adds a new interesting edge to sex.


face off
People of this zodiac are usually mysterious and they love to stay in control while also retaining intimacy in bed. The Face-Off position is the most ideal for Scorpios since they can take control while their partner watches.


This star sign love and cherish their freedom as it allows them to express themselves. They don’t want to be held down and they would go for the wildest of the sex styles available.


People of this zodiac appear to be disinterested and cautious at first but are actually one of the most lustful signs of the zodiac. When a Capricorn is with someone they love and trust, they let all their inhibitions fly and can become very wild. The craziness a Capricorn craves can be satisfied with the fun and challenging Wheelbarrow style.



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