Keturah King Of CNN African Voices Assaulted By Airport Security Officials In Senegal

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Keturah King, host of popular TV show, African Voices on CNN, took to Twitter, Tuesday, (May, 24) to share her dilemma after being physically assaulted by security officials at the Dakar International Airport in Senegal.

Keturah’s tweets portrayed the officials as brutal, rude, sexist and misogynistic as some of the harsh treatments she experienced included, airport security officials manhandling female passengers, refusing to talk to her because she was a woman and choosing to talk to the men instead, being thrown against the wall with bruises to show for it.

keturah king

They also went further as to lock her up with no proper cause, commanding her to put her phone away and desist from recording the situation, taking turns to come into the room where she was being held to rain insults and ridicule on her, and one officer going to the extremes of spitting on her.

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Though the reason for the violence towards her wasn’t stated, Keturah wrote, “I’ve just been thrown against a wall at the airport and beaten up by the Dakar Airport police. They keep telling…Me to put my phone away and not record them. They refuse to communicate with me directly – choosing to speak to the men around instead. 

Police officers at Dakar airport physically manhandling female passengers. Have now been locked in a room with groups of male officers intermittently coming in to insult me. One just spat on me.”

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While Twitter users have queried Keturah King on what she must have done to be treated harshly, others such as  advised Keturah King on how to get justice.

He tweeted, “How you can get justice is not social media. Check if there is an NGO in your country for woman abuse. Take the appropriate steps,report to the appropriate authorities, petition the Senegal police, sue to court etc.”

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