Kane Prefers Finishing Above Arsenal To Golden Boot

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Tottenham striker, Harry Kane has revealed he will gladly swap his golden boot for a chance to finish above Arsenal.

Kane won the highest goalscorer with his 25 goals, beating Aguero and Vardy to the boot.

However, after losing 5-1 to Newcastle on final day, Arsenal beat the spurs to second, following their 4-0 thumping of Aston Villa.

And the England international will gladly trade in his personal achievement for the second spot.

“It hurts and it will leave a bad taste in the mouth over the summer,” the England international said. “It definitely makes it harder Arsenal finishing in second because we know how much it means to the fans.

“When people think they’ve had a bad season and we’ve had a good one yet they still finish above us, it hurts. It definitely makes it hard because we know how much it means to the fans and to the club.

“It would have been nicer to have won the award on a better day. It’s a personal achievement, and something I’m proud of, but if I had the choice between finishing second or having the golden boot, I would rather have won at Newcastle.”

Kane was not able to give an explanation for Tottenham’s collapse at Newcastle, describing it as “the worst performance I’ve ever been involved with”.

“We still had a lot to play for, so it’s hard to put a finger on what went wrong,” the 22-year-old said.

“We just haven’t been good enough in the last few games – it’s not just Newcastle, we should never have lost to Southampton either.

“It probably started from drawing the West Brom game, but it’s hard to say exactly what went wrong.”



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