I’m not bleaching, Blame it on The Filter! Sean Tizzle Cries Out

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Singer Sean Tizzle is finally addressing bleaching allegations.

Bleaching allegations are rampant in the entertainment industry and the usual suspects usually deny those allegations. They either say it’s their real color coming out, money is good or simply blame the filter.

Sean Tizzle has been accused of bleaching for years and he finally gets a chance to address the bleaching rumors.

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Sean Tizzle recently had a chat with HFtv Africa DA Chat show and he wastes no time to blame the speculations on social media filters.

In his interview, the ‘Like to Party’ singer had this to say, ‘Right now you can see what I look like, I really don’t know about all that, because people go still talk. Guess we could just blame it on the filters and these days I’ve been advised not to use them any more, I just post my pictures without them’.

In the same interview he also talks about song theft and his ‘break’ from the music industry.

Watch HFtv’s Da Chat With Sean Tizzle where he addresses ‘Skin Bleaching’. 

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The question is, should we really blame the filters, wrong use of lighting for different skin shades?



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