Hiddink Backs Terry To Continue At Chelsea

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John Terry to leave Chelsea

Interim manager, Guus Hiddink believes John Terry capable of continuing at the club.

Terry has a contract with the blues that expires at the end of the season, with a contract renewal no where in sight.

The English defender was sent off in the match against Sunderland and will miss the final two games of the season, despite stating his desire to stay, a reply is not forthcoming from the club.

Hiddink stated he remains none the wiser about what direction the club will take regarding a renewal, telling reporters: “When I make a judgement on how he plays and his fitness, at his age, then he’s able to play and continue.

“But it’s up to the club, not for me to make declarations on that. When you come on the pitch for training after being sent off it’s not the most beautiful thing, of course.

“In training he started to lift up his morale and trained okay. Of course not being there in the last two games is a blow for him and for us of course as well.

“Yeah, that could have been the last game but that’s not up to me [to decide].”

Asked whether Terry would make a good coach in the future, Hiddink added: “The other day we were sitting next each other before the game in Bournemouth and we discussed about sitting on that spot. It felt good.

“John is very keen – he has always been a leader and tactically you can always rely on him. He can make that step, though you need time to switch off from your career in my experience.”



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