Gojko’s Memoirs: My First Fashion Show With America’s Next Top Model Contestants

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After working in Fashion industry for about 10 months I decided to do a fashion show. My first fashion show happened to be at beautiful event venue named “Unici Casa” in Los Angeles. It was a beautiful event hosted by Kiara Belen , from America’s next top model. The show was organized by BestTalent group from Los Angeles.
Another famous model that was there was Keith Carlos. It was my pleasure to walk for 3 amazing designers. One was Pangean, another m8w by Matthew Stephen Smith, and Bello Sanchez. fashion show
When I was a young boy, I never knew that I will stand next to the most famous and the best models and be in the same show as they. My mission was always to make a spectacle and I felt that this time. As usual, I went on a stage and showed to everybody that I am born to be successful. The whole event was followed by a red carpet even where as expected I gave interviews to certain media from Los Angeles.
fashion show
Questions like “How did you come to the USA” , “Was life in Serbia hard?” and “How do you feel being a model?” were just few of questions I had to provide answers to.
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Gojko Lojpur

Gojko Lojpur

Multi-talented male model, actor and singer.

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