Ghanian X-Factor UK Stars Reggie And Bollie Release DOPE ‘New Girl’ Visual

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reggie and bollie new girl

Reggie and Bollie first caught my attention during the X Factor UK reality show and they have continued to impress.

These two emerged first-runners up in last year’s competition alongside Louisa Johnson who beat them to the £1 million prize money.

Directed by Sesan and Prince Dovlo, this New Girl video is exactly like its composers, funny, dance worthy and DOPE.


They both sat down for an interview with Official ChartsUK recently. Here is an excerpt of the interview.

Hello Reggie N Bollie! Your debut single New Girl is finally out there – how does it feel?

Bollie: We’re on cloud eleven!

Yeah we’re really happy, you know we just really wanted it out there so that everyone can have a feel of the song and enjoy it.

We’re chatting to you at your label Sony; how does this compare to your lives a year ago?

Reggie: We hadn’t even done The X Factor yet. It’s just so funny, like today I just saw an old post that I made on Facebook talking about finding my way in life, and all of a sudden we are here releasing music. Being on X Factor was just such a dream come true and we feel so blessed to have had this opportunity!

What’s been the biggest change in your lives since The X Factor? Is it as glamorous as you thought or is the whole ‘being a popstar’ thing actually quite hard work?

Reggie: It is glamorous for us first of all because from where we were, we came from, and we didn’t have any of the opportunities that we have now. But then again, it is actually hard work, you know? Before you get into this you’re like, ‘oh, it’s the artists making it all happen,’ but then you realise it is a team that propel you. You are like the last stage of the production.

New Girl is a massive summer tune; we’re assuming you’d like this to go all the way to Number 1?

Reggie: We are so excited about New Girl, because the song celebrates being with one person that you love, one person who has been by your side through thick and thin, through the bad and the good. And it just has a nice summer feel good vibe we have in there.”

Bollie: A Number 1? Why not?! We hope New Girl takes us to Number 1, but as long as it puts a smile on people’s faces, we’ll be very happy.

Has Simon Cowell passed judgement over the song yet?

Reggie: Well what we know is, before the song comes out, or before we progress to the next level of each song, he needs to listen and say ‘yeah’ or ‘take that out’ or ‘no this is not good’. So for New Girl to come out, that means the boss’ stamp is on it.

Bollie: You know, everything we do, we know that it goes back to him and he has to confirm it. He decides what’s good and what has to be taken out. It’s nice to know he’s given his stamp on New Girl, like, ‘yeah okay, let’s get this out there.’

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Source, Youtube, MyJoyOnline, OficialChartsUK

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