Fractionation: The Technique That Will Get Any Woman Desiring You In A Day

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Chances are you’ve seen a guy get a woman kissing him in less than 30 minutes of them knowing each other and you’ve wondered how he went about it. The guy in question most probably used a technique known as fractionation. It is a seduction technique that is very intense and quick. It is a combination of hypnosis, persuasion and psychology.

Fractionation is a specific conversation technique aimed at eliciting strong emotions from a female which she can then associate with the man close to her (which in this case is you).

What Is Required?
Even though the fractionation technique can be used on almost anyone, it is essential you prepare both your mind and hers. Before trying out this technique, the following should be perfected.

Leadership – women love it when a man shows he’s a leader. Show her you’re the leader of the pack and you’re one step closer.
Stand out – try and be as unique as possible. Work on the things that makes you different from everybody else.
Social Skills – it is important you know how to hold an interesting conversation with women as women detest awkward men. You can improve your social skills by talking to men and women from different backgrounds.
Be Confident – this is perhaps one quality every woman out there wants in a man and one you must bring to the table.
Be Conversant – know as much hot spots as possible in and around your town as this is one way to get your potential dates weak in the knees.

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Emotional Roller coaster

Fractionation employs same tactics as television soap operas. They create likable characters that people get to fall in love with. Fractionation on its part uses a combination of mind control, tone of voice, hypnosis and body language.

Emotional Bond
To create an emotional bond, you have to make your body language top notch and possess good verbal and oratory skills. It is essential you know how to maintain conversations with women before attempting fractionation. The goal of emotional bonding is to encourage her to open up. You want to make her feel you’re out of her league (not the other way around) by asking her questions about herself with confidence.

Make The Conversation Emotional

The next step is to create a conversation that will be so compelling much similar to an emotional Roller coaster. You can start by asking her to tell you in details, something that makes her happy. Follow up by asking her what scares her or makes her sad. Repeat the sequence with varying questions and you’d get her doing what you desire. She will most likely be yours if you can make her feel positive and negative emotions in succession, accompanied by a good tone of voice, body language and sensual aura.

Build as much suspense as you can when talking to her. Act aloof and allow her work for your attention. Never allow her know straight up that you’re into her. If she feels too comfortable around you, chances are she will lose interest in you. Try acting nonchalant a minute and very much into her the next. A little confusion will drive her crazy and keep her on her toes.

Lastly, follow the steps above and do a lot of underground work. When you think you’re ready, try it out. Don’t be afraid if it doesn’t work out the first time out and remember that this technique can be used on every female from your girlfriend, a co-worker to the most beautiful girl you’ve ever known.



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