Follow These 7 Tips To Avoid Going Bald

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Follow These 7 Tips To Avoid Going Bald

If you have fears regarding how your hairline seems to be receding or the amount of hair you appear to be shedding of recent, you fare definitely not alone. According to the American Hair Loss Association, 40 percent of the world’s population will experience some form of hair loss or the other.

But before you freak out, there are a lot of things that affect hair loss from the type of food you eat to the type of hairstyle you make. Try out these 7 tested and proven tips that can help you have healthy hair that won’t fall off.

Eat Well
90 percent of hair is proteins and the hair that makes up each strand are made up of the second fastest growing cells in the body. But because hair is majorly a non-vital tissue, it is the last to benefit from any nutritional food you consume. If you’re deficient of vitamins or nutrients, the hair is usually the first indication of such as you’d have excessive shedding. It’s best you take lots of proteins which can be found in eggs, yogurt, lean chicken and fish.

Change The Way You Brush Your Hair
Some brushes are quite harmful in that they cause a lot of traction which can forcefully pull your hair out of their follicles. When you continually brush your hair, there’s a chance that it may lead to permanent hair loss. As such, it is best you start brushing your hair towards the ends of your hair and not from the roots. Move from one section to the other to have full effect.

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Dry Your Hair
When your hair is wet, it is at its most fragile state and may easily break simply because the cuticle that protects the hair is slightly raised due to the presence of water. It is important you allow your hair dry sufficiently before putting it in a ponytail or brushing it through to avoid breakage.
You can alternatively pat your wet hair with a towel to absorb the moisture instead of wrapping your head up in a towel turban which can cause breakage.

Cover Your Hair From Sunlight
When you expose your hair to the ultraviolet rays of the sun for too long, the rays can damage your hair, causing it to weaken and look dull. This is because UV rays of the sun breaks down the protein- keratin present in hair. As such, it’s best to go out with your hair covered in sunlight and also to make use of hairsprays that have UV protection when going out in the open.

Avoid Hot Showers
On the average, we all normally lose between 50 to 150 strands of hair a day and taking frequent hot showers can make you lose more. Hot water tends to strip your hair off its natural oils which leaves your scalp pores working extra hard to ensure that there is enough oil to moisten your hair. This usually damages the root of your hair which can lead to additional hair loss.

Scalp Massage
Massaging your scalp can go a long way in removing dead skin cells while also stimulating your scalp to encourage healthy hair growth. You can employ the use of the balls of your fingers to massage shampoo into your scalp. Ensure you start from your hairline and walk your way to the back of your head. This tip guarantees an increase in blood flow to your hair follicles which can stimulate hair growth.

Check Your Hair Products
It’s best to avoid hair products that have a high alcohol content as they facilitate dryness of the hair. The moment you brush your dry hair out, any residue left behind will cause hair breakage. Softer-hold products such as styling creams are best used as they help to maintain the moisture content of your hair cuticles without creating any form of friction when you brush your hair.

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  1. These 7 tips are barely enough to target the defining symptoms of your hair loss. In fact the reasons why most people develop hair loss has to do with having a hefty amount of a hormone in your body called DHT. This hormone can be regulated by adjusting your diet.

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