Five Things You Should Never Tell A Friend Who Just Got Fired

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People lose their jobs for a lot of different reasons but it’s usually worse when a person gets fired for no concrete reason. Whatever reasons your friend may have lost their jobs for, it’s best to avoid saying certain things to them even though you may think you’re doing them a favour by saying such.

“You now have a lot of free time on your hands”
Having some free time is good, but who wouldn’t prefer a paycheck ahead of free time? As such, saying the statement above can be interpreted to mean “You should be happy, you can lay on your bed all day long and watch TV.” This is however not the case as your friend will probably be bored, frustrated and anxious about what to expect especially if they are searching for a new job. Most productive job searches are time consuming and may take as long as 10 hours per day for online searches. And of course, there’s the part of sending email applications, calling friends and acquaintances for openings and anxiously waiting for a reply.

As such, it’s best you tell your friends “You’re one of the best persons at what you do, and any company that gets you will be lucky to have you.”

“Have you had any good offers from your job search?”
Instead of saying this, it’s better you say “I know you’re busy looking for that ideal job. It can be stressful, why don’t we take a walk? I heard it helps.”

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“My workplace is looking for people. Let me give them your CV”
This one sounds like you’re trying to help but doesn’t always seem right because it’s best you check in with them of they are interested in the particular job opening before offering to hand in their curriculum vitae. You should ask them what kind of job they are looking for and what particular company. Chances are you may know someone that knows someone in that particular place which may result in you helping them.

“You’re So Lucky, I’d prefer to be in your shoes right now”
If there’s any statement that shows a lack of support, this is surely it. You’re indirectly complaining to your friend about how unhappy you are with your job. Even if you had a bad day at work, it still doesn’t mean your friend wouldn’t want to pick the stress and hustle of a daily grind instead of the monotony and uncertainty of looking for a job. What your friend will probably be thinking is “if you think I’m lucky being unemployed, quit your job and lets be in the same boat.”

It’s best you consider saying something like “Sorry to hear the bad news. How about we go out and have a drink to reduce the stress?”

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“Your field is very unstable. That’s why you lost your job”
Saying this can be interpreted to mean that ” I’m sure you’re sorry you didn’t choose a different field or go to work at company ABC.” Even if it is true or that’s what you’re thinking, chances are your friend will get upset and angry at you for saying this. More so, if their intention is to work in the particular field you criticised, you may just be crushing their hopes of making a headway there. You can instead say ” You’re a great person to have worked in that field for so long despite the instability. I’m sure you’d do wonderfully well at your new job.”

In truth, it may be difficult learning all these subtle lines by heart but it helps to know how to approach and support a friend in difficult times. Try the best you can not to nag your friend about their job search but spend more time discussing and advising them. Friends cherish company and will usually require it more during trying times.



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