First Lady Michelle Obama Disrespected In Racist Cartoon

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In a not-so-funny poke at the First Lady of The United States, Michelle Obama, one conservative cartoonist Ben Garrison, tweeted a rude picture depicting FLOTUS looking very masculine, unattractive and angry while portraying Melania Trump, wife of presidential candidate, Donald Trump, as white, sweet, petite and beautiful.

Like that wasn’t enough, the cartoonist captioned his post: “#InTrumpsAmerica The #FirstLady will be Great Again! #Trump2016.”

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The joke however intended didn’t go well with many as tweets called out the rude cartoonist.

Victor Sojo said: this is a primitive mix of , and. Btw, the current is a graduate, top that up.

Breon tweeted: Its Okay If You Can’t Draw Well Enough To Capture Michelle’s Beauty Any1 Can Draw A Basic White Woman

Zoe Campbell wrote: please stop ?? this is racist, rude, objectifying, petty, and over all very terrible.

Nicole shared: He’s just desperate to piss of intelligent people because he knows he has nothing to offer but his mediocre drawings.

According to Daily Mail, the cartoonist called those reacting to his rude post as “cry babies,” while stating the cartoon as satire, yet he does on to depict Donald Trump as a hero.


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Source, Twitter, HelloBeautiful

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