FIPAC2016: The Annual FCT Interschool Performing Arts Competition Abuja (26.05.2016)

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On the 18th of May 2016, the FCT Interschool Competition (FIPAC) LAGOS edition which took place at the Muson centre was a great success.

The Annual FCT Interschool Performing Arts Competition (FIPAC)  – already a regular for kids in Abuja came expanded and extended its love for arts to Lagos.

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The Performing Arts School Nigeria/ The Studio Abuja was established in March 2012 by lovers of the arts.  FIPAC aims to promote performing arts and extracurricular within Nigerian schools by bringing together both primary and secondary, public and private schools to showcase their talents.

FCT Interschool Competition prides itself for upholding high standards by providing quality training and impactful initiatives to further our objectives. For 4 years, the organisers of FIPAC have taught performing arts classes to kids in Abuja – classes including various types of dance, musical instruments, drama, martial arts, and other creative workshops.

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Sponsored by UBA, the FIPAC competition ABUJA will be holding at the Ladi Kwadi Hall, Sheraton Hotel in Abuja on Thursday May 26th, 2016.

With over 30 major F.C.T and Lagos primary and secondary schools taking the center stage with dance, music, and theater/drama performances. Thereafter, judges from renowned cultural organizations will select 12 winning schools in both cities.

The judges included renowned actor and theatrical star, Gideon Okeke a guest judge as well as Keke Hammond and Mrs Toki Mabogunje – helped in crowning the efforts of the kids after a wonderful round of performances at FIPAC Lagos. Winners will win up to N2,000,000 in cash prizes, trophies and much more. The FIPAC2016 events will definitely be an unforgettable experience for the participating children and audience alike. The L


For the FIPAC Abuja event, see the event details below

Date: May 26th, 2016
Venue: Ladi Kwadi Hall, Sheraton, Abuja
Time: 3-7pm

Watch the #FIPAC2016 Documentary below to get a better feel of what the competition is about

For more information: Ticket Price: N750 – Student | N1,500 – Standard| N3,000 – Front section

Contact Information: 07069077906 (#FIPAC2016) | For more information –

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