Social Media Is Not Happy With Madonna For Her ‘Purple Rain’ Tribute To Prince At The Billboard Awards

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Singing Purple Rain, Madonna headed an emotional tribute to the late Prince during the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday in Las Vegas.

The 57-year-old Queen of pop paid respect to Prince, dressed in a lavender brocade, paisley suit and ruffled blouse by Gucci.

She performed the song with Stevie Wonder and although the audience loved it, social media thought it was terrible and not befitting for the late icon.

Watch the video below


Below are tweets and memes which express Tweeterville’s angst at the Material Girl.

purple rain1 purple rain2 purple rain3 purple rain4 purple rain5 purple rain6 purple rain7 purple rain8 purple rain9 purple rain10 purple rain11 purple rain12 purple rain13 purple rain14 purple rain15 purple rain16 purple rain17 purple rain18 purple rain19 purple rain20 purple rain21 purple rain22 purple rain23




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