Expensive Joke! Family Share Picture Of 3 Year-Old Snorting ‘Cocaine’ (Photos)

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An image which has gone viral depicting a three year-old snorting ‘cocaine’ has caused social media users to demand Child services take the boy away from his family.

The photograph was posted on Facebook by the child’s 13 year-old sister with the caption: “Mum and dad’s little junkie”.

The image showed the child glaring into the camera, sniffer in hand, with three lines of white powdery substance ready to be snorted.

While the family said it was flour and not cocaine, still, the action alone means the family have a very good idea that cocaine is snorted; And snapping a 3 year-old doing such is as good as snapping the same child holding a blunt of lit weed, he’s then snapped and the image shared on social media only to turn around and say, “but he didn’t smoke it, he only held it.”

Why should you put them in such an imagery?

Not funny, three year-old snapped snorting cocaine

His family who are residents of a small village of Sindel in eastern Bulgaria’s Varna Province have persuaded social media users the image was just an old joke they play at home but social services aren’t having it.

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The 13 year-old responsible for uploading the image told local media that her family joked around with taking controversial photos often. This isn’t controversial, this is reckless.

She said: “I was only joking, I got the idea from Facebook. I have never seen real drugs. I once saw a woman on Facebook making lines with flour and then snorting it.”

This mother might lose her son after he was snapped snorting cocaine

The boy’s mother, Nadezhda Nuri, also told local media that the substance was not cocaine as many speculated, instead it was simply flour.

She claimed the image had been taken in their home as a joke but she didn’t know it had been uploaded on Facebook by her daughter.

Mrs Nuri said: “My mother first saw the [picture of the] children and called me. I couldn’t have done such a thing, I don’t even know how to write. 

My daughter must have taken the photo and uploaded it online. I can’t do it because I can’t even read or write, never mind use a computer.”

Child services are currently preparing a report on the family as investigations are also underway.

Such an expensive joke that could actually cost her her child.

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Source, Mirror

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