Eva Alordiah Turns Erotic Writer — See Excerpts From Her New Book!

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Eva Alordiah quits Music

Eva Alordiah Turns Erotic Writer – After announcing her decision to quit music in March, rapper Eva Alordiah has turned into a number of things, including writing.

Eva Alordiah Turns Erotic Writer
Eva Alordiah Turns Erotic Writer

The Deaf rapper has written her first book, a collection of short semi-erotic stories titled 11. “All I wanted to do as a child was write,” the rapper was quoted as saying. “Ever since I was 7 years old. I just knew I had to write a book. And in fact I did! But time and chance would happen to a girl like me and I went on discarding the dream for a long time.”

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She continued: “I became a model, then made of myself a Rapper and life would take me on a whirlwind trip around the world performing on stages and doing that till my heart bled with passion for Music. But I still just wanted to write.”

Eva’s 11 will go on sale at 11pm on the 22nd of May, but you can pre-order the book here. Read an excerpt from the book below!

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“For now he was okay to standout back and watch as her husband rammed in and of her powerfully. Bam-bam-bam! His fuck-candence was incredible! Such rhythm to it, as though they were making music. He hated to see her under him like that. He hated them both.

But he admired the man’s skills. He had to give that to him.The way her big fleshy ass jiggled and bounced against him in tune, UurghH! He wanted her.She was clearly on a ride of her life. Little wonder she dumped him to marry this creep.

There was time. Patience.

For now, he would watch. Concealed in the shadows, inconspicuous to them.”

—-“A Quickie In the 01” – 11 by Elohor Eva Alordiah




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