#EatRightAfrica: How to Make a Bean Dip and Snack Healthily For Less Than a 1000Naira

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Ayo Van Elmar is back, and in this episode of #EatRightAfrica and she shares how to make a bean dip and snack healthily for less than a ₦ 1000.

Most of us think eating healthy snacks is expensive. Ayo Van Elmar sheds light on making affordable snacks without spending more than one thousand naira – cheaper than most snacks.

This review episode shows you how to make a bean dip, which could be eaten with slices of carrots and cucumbers. You can always freeze a portion of your already cooked beans so that you don’t have to go through the process of cooking some beans solely to make some dip.

Give it a try! It’s all about training our tastebuds.

Watch Ayo Van Elmar below in her latest episode of #EatRightAfrica


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