#EatRightAfrica: How To Choose The Right Tinned Food On A Diet

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In this episode of #EatRightAfrica, Ayo Van Elmar shares how to choose the right tinned food on a diet.

Avoiding processed foods completely in warm climates can be difficult. The advantage of tinned food (processed food) over fresh foods is that they are quick to make and easy to come by, they also do not go off so quickly and have a longer shelf life.

Yes, I advise you always go or fresh foods if time permits, but if not, this episode shows you how to keep it practical and choose tinned foods that are healthier than other.


This episode of EatRightAfrica, shows you how to make the right choice of tinned food for a meal like your breakfast, if you aren’t a vegetarian, and whether you are on a diet or not. It’s not always practical and can be time consuming to get fresh fish or chicken on week days, so mastering how to make the right choice and understanding food labels is key.

Find out how!

Watch Ayo Van Elmar below in her latest episode of #EatRightAfrica – How To Choose The Right Tinned Food On A Diet


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