Men’s Health Thursday: Disadvantages Of Not Being Circumcised

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Male Circumcision is a topic that throws up a lot of debate.

Circumcision is however a religious and/or cultural ritual for a lot of tribes in Africa and Australia, including members of Islamic, Christian and Jewish communities who see it as a commandment from God for every male child.

Furthermore, circumcision can also be taken up by people as a choice, a tradition carried out by family or simply as a result of personal hygiene. It can also be carried out when the foreskin is too tight and can’t be pulled back over the glans and as such may need to be removed medically. It has the advantage of reducing the risk of STDs.

We’ve talked more about the advantages of circumcision but what are the disadvantages inherent in not getting circumcised? According to The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the advantages of circumcision far outweigh the disadvantages even though they do not support routine circumcision for all newborn males and insist on the use of anesthetics for infants in the process of carrying out the procedure.

The disadvantages of not getting circumcised include:

Maintaining Hygiene Is Difficult

It is a tad difficult for uncircumcised males to maintain good hygiene as they have to constantly pull their foreskin back to get the dirt in there out as opposed to a circumcised one which is generally simpler.

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Increased Risk Of Urinary Tract Infections
The risk of urinary tract infections are generally lower in males that are circumcised who are more at risk of contacting urinary infections. Having a serious urinary tract infections early on in life can cause kidney problems later on.

Increased Risk Of STDs
Men that have not had their foreskin removed are at a high risk of getting certain STDs such as hepatitis and HIV as opposed to circumcised men. It is however important for everyone to have at the back of their minds that safe sexual health practices are essential in reducing the risk of infections.

Penile Problems
Some uncircumcised men may have problems retracting their foreskin, resulting in a condition known as phimosis. This condition may cause swelling or inflammation of the foreskin and the head of the entire organ.

Circumcision helps to reduce chances of having cancer of the male reproductive organ. This condition is however rare but is nonetheless uncommon in men that are circumcised. Research has also shown that the female partners of circumcised men are also at low risk of having cervical cancer.

Despite the inherent advantages of circumcision, it may however not be an option for men with certain types of blood disorders such as haemophilia which may cause them to bleed uncontrollably when they go under the knife. More so, it may also be a cause of concern in babies born prematurely who may still require some form of medical attention.

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Circumcision is however an option to consider given that it does not have a negative effect on fertility and it gives penile beauty, making it esthetically pleasing to the female folks.



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