Court Grants Tyka Nelson’s Request For An Administrator To Execute Prince’s Estates

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Tyka Nelson, late Prince’s sister, filed legal documents, Tuesday (April, 26), stating she did not believe her brother left any will. She also asked that the court assign a “special administrator” to execute her late brother’s massive $300M fortune and almost a billion dollars catalog.

Her request was granted as Kevin Eide, a district judge in suburban Carver County in Minnesota appointed Bremer Trust, Wednesday, (April, 27) as administrator of Prince’s estate.

Bremer Trust has handled Prince finances for a long-time through its parent branch, which is the Bremer Bank in Minnesota.

For the next six months Bremer Trust will administer his estates until a personal representative is appointed.

tika nelson
Tyka Nelson filed legal documents stating her brother left no will

Tyka wrote in the documents she filed in Carver County probate court in Minneapolis, Minnesota: “I do not know of the existence of a will and have no reason to believe that the decedent executed testamentary documents in any form”.

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Since Prince didn’t draft a will then according to Minnesota law, the 57 year-old’s earnings and music catalog will be shared equally among his half-siblings.

tyka nelson - prince
Tyka will share her brother’s estate with her half-siblings

Prince’s parents are dead and Tyka is his only living blood relative although he had eight half siblings of whom two have died, leaving six. They’ll all have equal right to his wealth.

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