Colorado Inmate Files Paternity Claim As Prince’s Biological Son And Heir

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Carlin Q. Williams, 39, a convicted felon has come forward to claim he is Prince’s sole heir.

Williams who is serving a seven and half year jail-term was sentenced in May 2014 after pleading guilty to illegal possession of a firearm.

His lawyer’s filed the paternity claim in court which declared him the biological son and legal heir of the late Prince’s estates.

Marsha J Henson, Williams’ mother also petitioned for a court order for the genetic testing of Prince’s DNA samples. Her petition was followed by a sworn affidavit which claimed she was Williams’ biological mother and Prince was his father.

The petition was filed in Carver County District Court near Minneapolis on Monday (May, 9) where her lawyers objected the probate of the estate in which Tyka Nelson, Prince’s sister, had asserted her brother had no will and no surviving offspring.

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She stated Williams was conceived in a Kansas City Hotel room in July 1976 during a fling she had with the Purple Rain singer.

Henson declared she hadn’t had sex with anyone before she slept with Prince neither did she have sex with anyone else prior to Williams birth nine months later.

Williams lawyers filed a sentencing memorandum which stated that he had ‘limited guidance as a child, and was primarily raised by his grandmother’.

It also added that Williams had seven half siblings, none of whom share a father with him, It read, ‘His father had no presence at all in his life’.

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The 39 year-old’s paternity petition believed “he is or may be the sole surviving legal heir.”

A judge has appointed the late singer’s estate administrator, Bremer Trust, to procure sample of Prince’s blood for genetic analysis.

Source, Reuters

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