Album Review: The Collectiv3 LP is short, sharp and sweet

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Introducing The Collectiv3 LP

The Collectiv3 LP is the offbeat alt style project put together by a murder’s row of some of the country’s brightest and best young music talents not working in the mainstream.

Some of these acts have flirted with the mainstream in the past, (Show Dem Camp, Temi DollFace) but for the most part they are content with existing in that cultural space considered too cool, too smart and too weird to ever be embraced in totality by a general audience.

The guys (Temi DollFace is the sole female,) who complete this dream team comprise rapper Poe, producers IKON, Kid Konnect, singer, Funbi and guitarist Nsikak. On the shaky electro-house number, Judgement, the team receives assistance from fellow cool cats Nneka, Loose Kaynon and M.anifest.

The Collectiv3 LP starts on a high with the funky afro-house machinations of Akintunde, in which IKON takes on double duties as producer and lead rapper. The ever dependable Temi DollFace adds bursts of colour as well as a shot of electricity to the package as IKON manufactures a futuristic dystopia made up of horns, kicks, gongs and punchy lyricism. Chemistry between chanteuse and thug has never been more effective as it is here.

Temi DollFace is left to her own devices on the excellent School your face and she unloads more of the quirky brilliance that made her such a cult favourite the first time she landed on the scene with Pata Pata. Her song writing is as sharp and precise as her delivery and she carries off that colourful enigmatic personality without at all coming across as pretentious. DollFace wonders of a loved one she’s about to send on his way, What if this love is a weapon, do I have the ammunition?/What if you burn me with your ray, do I have UV protection?

Temi Dollface follows this high with the cluttered, over the top, could-easily-have-been-a-misfire that is the previously released Just like that, in which she incorporates as many elements and influences as she can cram into four minutes. Dollface dashes wildly between pure pop, afrobeat to jazz and ariaria to settle for an intoxicating brew she describes as drama soul. It shouldn’t all work, but it does and brilliantly too.

Everyone involved on this project boasts an average IQ musically and so the record is chock full of quotable quotes and tweet ready gems. The duo of Ghost and Tec are savage beasts, as per usual on Shey Bai and it’s similar sounding remix, Poe has never had a bad day on a record and is complemented sweetly by Funbi on the radio pop ready Adore her, as well as on the sprightly and endlessly quotable eargasm that is Sexy Bitch.

Funbi tries for MVP status also on the instantly lovable Forbidden fruit in which he sings of unrequited love doomed never to see the light of day and guitarist Nsikak wraps things up nicely with a stellar re-imagination of the classic Happy day.

Not meant to last forever, nor outstay its welcome by even a fraction of a second, The Collectiv3 LP ends just as soon as it hits a peak. You could decide to mourn the brief running time of the record and wonder at what could have been had the record went on longer, but it would be a disservice to the time just spent soaking in the entire fabulousity. Brevity is the soul of wit and this one lives up to its promise completely.

Much more than a vanity project by a bunch of cool kids with offbeat, artistic tastes, The Collectiv3 LP is hereby declared required listening.

– Wilfred Okiche (@DrWill20)

Wilfred Okiche

Wilfred Okiche

Wilfred Okiche is a movie buff and music head. He is still waiting for that one record that will change his life and remains ever optimistic. You can follow him on Twitter @drwill20

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