#ChildrensDay: Lami Phillips, Omawumi, Sound Sultan, Kate Henshaw & Others Donate Books To Children (PHOTOS)

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Lami Phillips_Until Every Child Can Read

Literacy is indeed one of the greatest gifts one could receive. Eclectic singer and songwriter, Lami Phillips who is also an educationist, has made it her to mission to help raise the much needed awareness and support that would increase the literacy skills and habits of reading among millions of primary school children in need.

Lami Phillips recently launched an initiative ‘Until Every Child Can Read’ in collaboration with AYECI Africa (a social impact organization committed to improving the literacy outcomes of disadvantaged women and children in West Africa) to champion My Gift of Literacy Campaign.

My Gift of Literacy – Until Every Child Can Read campaign is supported by Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board and Pearson Nigeria.

In a recent statement released by Lami as she is fondly referred to, she declared: I have made it my mission to build one library/book bank per year. In the next 1year, we’d be embarking on a book donation tour to public primary schools in Lagos State to donate reading books to pupils in need and set up book banks in the communities. I would like to ask you to consider adopting at least one (1) pupil or school. Read more about The Gift Of Literacy; Until Every Child Can Read! Book Donation Tour and how you can be a part of it.

On the 25th of May 2016, Lami, her team together with some of her friends in the entertainment and media industry – Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw, Singer Omawumi, Youth Media guru & publicist, Debola Williams, Singer & Basketball aficionado, Sound Sultan and Exquisite Magazine publisher, Tewa Onasanya began embarking on the book donation tour to public primary schools in Lagos state. The first school visited was Jamal lslamiyahh Primary School in lgbo-Efon, Lekki where they donated Longman Primary Dictionaries courtesy of Pearson Nigeria, to the children in primary 3, 4 and 5.

Each book donated was autographed by Lami and her friends.  The team went around the school starting with the Headmaster’s office, who greeted the team with the Jamal lslamiyahh Primary School’s teachers. Lami’s team asked questions on how to help more with the students and the school itself.  Each class in the school had almost 50 and in some classes 80 students in each class. This means, students can’t be given individual attention especially children with special needs. The efforts of the teachers were commended by Lami and her friends.

After all the classes were visited, a spelling bee contest was done by Lami, Kate, Tewa, Omawumi, Adebola and Sound Sultan – the children were asked to spell long words like ‘Industrial’, ‘Constitution’ and more – students who came tops were given money, then a photo call was done with everyone.

See all the photos from the first The Gift of Literacy – Until Every Child Can Read! book donation tour below:

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The Spelling Bee Contest with Sound Sultan, Adebola Williams, Tewa Onasanya, Kate Henshaw, Omawumi and Lami Phillips. lamiphilipsDSC_3492360nobs lamiphilipsDSC_3505360nobs lamiphilipsDSC_3511360nobs lamiphilipsDSC_3513360nobs

lamiphilipsDSC_3536360nobs Lami Phillips world
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lamiphilipsDSC_3608360nobs lamiphilipsDSC_3615360nobs lamiphilipsDSC_3623360nobs

Photo Credit: Richie Anazia for 360NoBS.com

If you would like to be part of Lami and AYECI’s initiative, Read more about The Gift Of Literacy; Until Every Child Can Read! Book Donation Tour



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