Should A Child Be Stopped From Reading The Bible In Class?

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An incident which occurred in Ohio has left many wondering if reading the bible in class is appropriate.

Brionna Palmer, 9, a third grader in Lancaster, told her mother she was asked by her substitute teacher to stop reading her bible during free-period after she had finished an assignment.

Audra Palmer, the child’s mother told WKYC that her daughter had come home crying, and when she demanded what happened, the child explained how she had been asked to put her bible away by her teacher.

Brionna told her mother, ‘Mommy, the teacher made me put my Bible away’. Audra demanded with, ‘What do you mean she made you put your Bible away?’, the 9 year-old replied with, ‘The teacher come through and she was inspecting everybody’s books, and she said to put your book away and get out a different book’. 

Audra reassured her daughter she had done nothing wrong by reading her bible in class and encouraged her to never be ashamed or intimidated when reading the book.

Brionna’s school refuted the child’s claim stating that the substitute teacher was reading through a different book while the girl was reading the bible rather than the required reading material and was asked to put it away.

The school’s statement read: “The student was asked to put her book away while the lesson was going on. The book happened to be the Bible. The substitute had no problem with the young lady reading the Bible earlier in the day during free reading time.”

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This case has sparked debates as many are saying the substitute teacher was wrong in asking the child to put her bible away regardless she was reading from a different book; while there are those who support the teacher’s action while calling for religious books to be absent in schools.

What’s your take.


Source, WKYC

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