How To Buy A Suit That Suits All Occasions

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One fashion accessory every man must have in his wardrobe is a good suit. Though different events call for different attires, having multiple suits is a luxury only few of us can or want to afford. It will however shock you that you can get a lot of versatility out of one suit if you get the right accessories to follow them.

What Do You Need It For?

The very first thing to consider whether you’re on a tight budget or you have loads of cash to throw around is to consider what you need the suit for. The first thing to do before you drop what could be hundreds or thousands of dollars on a well made suit is consider what you need the suit for. The rule to follow here is to make the suit you end up purchasing fit into as many occasions as possible. It’s best to ask yourself for the colours and patterns that will look good on you at any time asides from the particular occasion that requires your purchase of the suit.

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Rule of Three
You have quite a bit to consider when purchasing a suit from the fabric and styles to colours and cuts. If you’re looking for a suit that will fit all occasions, there won’t be a need to be worried about all the things mentioned above. The rule of three (Fit, style, and versatility) will come in handy here.

For a lot of people, fit is perhaps the single most important thing required to buy a suit. It is important that the jacket and pants fit well. Shoulder pads of the jacket should end at the shoulders. It should never go over or bump back to your arms. More so, the arms of the jacket should hang straight and long and never around the forearm.

Irrespective of whether you’re going to meet a bespoke tailor or you’re buying off the shelf, ensure the suit you’re picking is properly tailored to your measurements. However, whatever you do and wherever you get your suit, make sure you get it properly tailored to your measurements. Good tailors abound and it may be better to get one to make your suits. If your suit ends up a size or two longer, you may want to get a tailor to put a few hems here and there to make you look smarter. They usually don’t cost much and it will be worth it for the fitted and sharp look you will get.

The next important thing to do is to choose a suit that will have flexible patterns, a cut that fits any occasion and will be timeless. You also have to choose the right set of shoes and pocket squares that will go with the suit. A pocket square can go a long way in adding formality to your suits especially those that come in whites or similar colours with your tie. A white pocket square goes with everything you may choose to wear, and a subtle tie bar also adds a lot of flair to your appearance. A bow tie can provide a forward looking fashion look especially if your suit is made of unusual fabric. Bow ties are making a comeback and you can easily switch from a wedding suit to an after-party suit by switching from standard ties to bow ties. Remember to stick to what you’re comfortable wearing and never be afraid to branch out.

Versatility is a key point in getting a suit that suits all occasions as it can help you switch things up quite a bit. Ensure that your accessories such as ties, belts and shoes are good enough to match your suit and give you an overall excellent appearance. Shoes on their part can be tricky to choose but a standard black shoe and belt allow for flexibility. Black shoes will serve you for interviews, weddings and gala nights. Shoes will give provide a perfect finishing for your look. Get genuine leather and keep your shoes well-polished. This way, no one will know how much they cost and will ensure they last for years.

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The key thing here is not to spend a fortune to get a suit that will be presentable for a variety of occasions. You can get a suit that will be perfect for a presentation at work, a friend’s wedding and a cocktail dinner. Choose something versatile and complement it with smart accessories and you’d definitely end up pulling a sharp look at every event with your hard-earned money.



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