Brutal Images Of Kenyan Security Officers Beating Civilians In Nairobi

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Violence flared in Kenya, Tuesday, (May, 17), as camera footage caught security officers in the country viciously attacking protesters in a bid to halt their demonstrations at Kenya’s electoral high commission in Nairobi.

The protest which was aimed at reforming the electorate in advance of the nation’s general elections next year, turned aggressive as officers in the country’s capital dispatched to control the demonstration used tear gas, wooden clubs, batons, boots and other physical items to beat protesters after chasing them out of the commission’s vicinity.

Some protesters were cornered after being chased through streets and alleyways by the officials, while those who took to hiding in safe houses were flushed out by riot police who also beat them mercilessly.

Many were hurt though it hasn’t been confirmed if any life was lost.

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This reminds us of the kind of violence at the brink of occurring in Nigeria following the strike-and-no-strike drama between NLC and the Federal government.

Graphic Images Below: 

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Source, DailyMail

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