Boyfriend Brutally Slashes Girlfriend’s Face Over Sentimental Photo Key Ring

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Marc Harbison, 29, slashed open the full length of his girlfriend’s cheek with a Stanley knife, cut her neck, and attacked her with a hammer – because she accidentally broke a sentimental photo key ring of them together.

The brute also punched Nicola Walker unconscious, hitting her several times on the leg with a hammer causing her to need more than 20 stitches in a domestic violence attack at their home in Washington after they got back from a drunken night out.

Harbison realized Nicola had broken a key ring containing a picture of them and got into a violent fit.

Violent brute, Marc Harbison

Jonathan Devlin, prosecuting, told the court: “The defendant said that was the first picture of them together and she had smashed it. He punched her and she believes that caused her to lose consciousness.”

When she recovered from the knockout, Harbison continued the argument and hit Walker on the thigh with a hammer.

He then picked up the Stanley knife and started “waving it about in a slashing motion”, which caused a cut to Miss Walker’s neck.

As she tried to move away he kept on slashing towards her. This time, the knife connected with her left cheek.”

Upon realizing what he had done, Harbison tried to help Miss Walker in a desperate attempt to cover up his involvement.

Harbison’s mother, Valerie Gardner, also got involved and tried to protect her son by sending Nicola a series of “emotional blackmail” texts to stop her from involving the police.

Valerie Gardner tried to cover up her son’s crimes

Nicola reported told the police what Harbison had done to her and he was arrested.

Harbison later admitted unlawful wounding.

During her hearing, Nicola said in a victim impact statement that although she now feels free from the control Harbison had over her since he’s in jail, she’s afraid of what he’d do when he is back on the streets.

She said: “I am worried what will happen when he gets released, that he will come back to my home and never leave me alone.”

Harbison was issued a lifelong restraining order to never contact Nicola.

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Harbison who has previous convictions for violence and drugs pleaded guilty to possession of heroin with intent to supply.

Judge Penny Moreland, at Newcastle Crown Court, sentenced Harbison to jail for six-years, calling him “possessive, controlling, abusive and violent.”

The judge told him: “You caused a serious laceration from the top of her left cheek to the corner of her mouth which was to require a large number of stitches.

 She will be scarred for life as a result of what you have done.”

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Source, MirrorUK

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