Should Brands Use Abbreviations When Communicating On Social Media Platforms?

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Two banks went at logger heads after one of them used abbreviations in a social media post. This has sparked a debate on the proper way for companies to put across their ads and messages on social media platforms.

Diamond Bank was called out by Sterling Bank and Twitter users after it made a post with abbreviations which some called ‘unprofessional’.

Others clamored for whoever was behind the tweet to be fired.

Diamond Bank tweeted: “U can nw meet ur personal targets wit no hassles. Save on d new Diamond eSUSU platform”.

In its advert, it abbreviated the words You to U, Now to nw, Your to ur, With to wt, The to d.

diamond bank

Sterling Bank replied with: “Hopefully, the targets do not include spelling ability. At Sterling Bank, we ensure all are met :).”

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The debate ensuing from the affair is the professionalism for a bank as prestigious as Diamond Bank Nigeria to be using instant messaging on social media.

One might wonder, “what is the proper way for a company to write on its social media platforms? In full or abbreviated format?

Bear in mind Twitter has a limit of 140 words per tweet, which can be a reason to shorten things sometimes.

Still, there are those of the opinion that Diamond Bank’s use of short forms on its social media platform is normal and doesn’t warrant being criticized harshly.

Tweeting in the Diamond Bank’s defense, one Twitter user stated that the information was easily communicated, even to the layman.

Twitter users comments:

 – Say ?? No ?? To ?? Lousy ?? Grammar. RT @DiamondBankNG: U can nw meet ur personal targets wit no hassles. Save on d new Diamond platform.

 – @DiamondBankNG. I don’t see any thing wrong with that… Whether you like it or not the message has been passed #Sterling, hustle better!

 – @DiamondBankNG Please fire whoever is managing your Twitter handle ASAP!!!

 – @DiamondBankNG @sterlingbank should be more professional, this shouldn’t be coming from a boring bank like yours.

With these in mind, the question pops up, “Should companies use abbreviations when posting or advertising on their social media platforms?” Share your view.

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