Bob Marley Still Speaks Through These Classic Songs

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Bob Marley Still Speaks Through These Classic Songs

Reggae will never be just a genre of music to me, I’ve always seen and referred to it as a culture, because it’s more than a genre. It’s a lifestyle and Bob Marley lived it to the fullest.

Robert Nesta better known as Bob Marley, served as -and still is- a source of inspiration to a-lot of artists both locally & internationally with his trouble-freeing/positive music through the popular Jamaican culture known as Reggae.

According to reports, a symptom of cancer was found under the nail of Bob Marley’s toe, and he turned down his doctors advice, to amputate the toe due to his religious beliefs and he never stopped touring even though he knew ’bout his illness.

The rastafari Bob Marley later passed on to glory on the 11th of May, 1981 at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Miami (now University of Miami Hospital) at the age of 36 but left a strong statement i.e; “Money can’t buy life” (said it to his son Ziggy Marley).

One thing about “good” music, when it hits you, it stays with you forever, and that’s what Bob Marley’s music is about.

To celebrate his legacy, below are “some” of the classic records he released during his lifetime.

#RIPBobMarley (1945 – 1981)

Oghene Michael

Oghene Michael

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