Azealia Banks Apologizes To The World

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Azealia Banks Defends Bleaching Her Skin

Azealia Banks Apologizes To The World – In the space of just hours, Azealia Banks managed to get on the bad side of a lot of people.

Azealia Banks Apologizes To The World
Azealia Banks Apologizes To The World

The singer drew the wrath of the huge One Direction fan base after insulting singer Zayn Malik, fans of Disney after abusing teen star Skai Jackson, and every music lover in the United Kingdom after debasing grime music.

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Her constant abusive nature saw her dropped from Rinse FM’s Born And Bred Festival, and Twitter has also suspended her account. She seems to have finally gotten some advice on how to behave, and she took to Instagram to tender an apology to, well, the whole world.

“Dear World,” the rapper wrote on  Instagram. “I’ve had some time to decompress & take a more rational assessment of things. I want to extend my sincerest apologies to the world.”

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She apologized for her constant use of racial slurs and insult was inappropriate and offensive, and apologized for letting her anger get the best of her.

“Employing racial/sexual slurs/stereotypes in attempts to make fun of or degrade another person or group is absolutely unacceptable and is not fair or fun for anyone. Allowing my anger to get the best of me, I’ve managed to insult millions of people without reason. And for that I give my deepest apologies,” she continued.

Whoever spoke sense into Azealia, thank you!


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