An Average Guy’s Guide To Staying Celibate

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People seem to think that celibacy and the male folk don’t go hand in hand. It seems awkward to a lot of people as men are thought to be promiscuous. The image of male celibacy people have is usually that of a Catholic priest or religious leader. It is assumed  that the average guy out there can’t be celibate but this is wrong as the celibacy route is one that remains a viable option for a lot of men. Some want to be celibate simply because they feel let down by empty relationships, for religious reasons or because they don’t want to be part of any romantic activity yet.

Whatever your reasons may be for wanting to be celibate, here’s a guide on how to withstand pressure from peers and actually have a good time.

Create An Imaginary Lay

If you’ve had different amorous experiences which you’ve been eager to tell your friends, it’s time to withdraw giving them any sordid details. Better still, if you’re feeling a little left out in your group, you can try telling them some of the most less interesting romps you had in the past and pass them off as new events or create an imaginary lay which you can tell to get them off your back. One thing that will help you is remembering your teenage years when you had no sexual experience but made up stories to tell your friends. The difference here is that every word you tell your friends will be true, with the only lie being the time frame in which the said act occurred.

Focus On Yourself
Your new found celibacy status presents you an opportunity to pursue excellence. Focus on the fact that by being celibate, you’d be saving yourself a lot of time, energy and money which you would have otherwise spent on chasing women. Your change in focus to yourself will help you to be more keen about the way you dress, your emotional well-being and your mannerisms. Being celibate will offer you the opportunity to be excellent at your work, career, health and hobbies. It may sound like a long shot, but if celibacy offers you a chance to be an all round better person, there’s no reason for you not to keep it going.

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The stand-in

A stand-in can be an ex, a friend or someone you had something with in the past. She is someone that always has your back and will protect you from bring a third wheel at single dates. She is good company for any outing and can save you from any unwanted attention from your new celibacy status especially in public.

Act Like A Jerk

The beginning of your celibacy time will be very difficult and you may find yourself thinking of all the good “sexy” times you had in the past. It is essential you stay strong, since it’s quite difficult for you to stop yourself from staring with lust at every female you come across. More so, a lot of ladies will come knocking at your door in the early stages and you will be required to take evasive action. One of the best actions to take is to have an abrasive attitude which rubs off women the wrong way. Acting like a jerk will help any type of female interest in you stop. Some women however lust after bad boys for some unexplainable reasons but acting like a jerk nonetheless, should put a lot of them in their places. Severing communication is perhaps the best way of letting any woman know that you’re celibate and have no interest in lust or love.

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Stay Free
Try being free as much as possible with the opposite sex. Talk about how proud you are of your new status and people will see you as someone to be cherished and adored. Women will respect you more as they are always being chased by men who want to get in their pants. They will feel safe around you and probably try to seduce you since you’re out of reach. They will also want your attention and you’ll have a lot of power over them. This is where you have to be very careful and retain the control you have.
Let them see you as someone capable of resisting all female charm and sexual urges. You’d be better for it in the long run.



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