An Average Guy’s Guide To Perfecting Your Pull out Game

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Perfecting the withdrawal method is one skill every young man should master especially if you enjoy sex without a condom. This method has been around for quite sometime and it’s sometimes referred to as coitus interruptus or the “pull out method”.

The method is one that every average guy should learn even as it requires a bit of self-control, experience, and trust. It is not entirely foolproof and may be unreliable.

How It Works
Withdrawal method simply works by you taking your penis out of the vagina right before ejaculating. This limits the chances of any sperm from the ejaculates semen getting to the the egg for fertilisation. The truth however is that not all of your sperm is released the moment you climax. Some are quite eager and get released before you’re done which of course may get your partner pregnant. With each ejaculation you are releasing up to 400 Million sperms cells. Some go on to survive in the uterus of your partner for up to five days which can on the long run result in pregnancy.

How To Perfect Your Skills
Now you know the withdrawal method is not entirely reliable but this doesn’t mean it does not work. It’s not rocket science as it basically entails knowing when you’re about to climax and avoiding and minimising to the barest level possible the chances of your sperm entering your partner’s vagina and in turn getting to her eggs. There are some important points you need to pay attention to if you want to get to the point where your pull out game will be the envy of all.

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Know When You Climax
It’s very important to know exactly when you’d about to climax. This can help you a lot in timing when you should get your penis out. Knowing the the exact moment when you’ve reached the peak of your sexual excitement or when you can no longer postpone ejaculation is one sure way of avoiding pregnancy. If you cannot accurately guess the moment, your effort at pulling out is futile. You can determine the moment by holding yourself back the moment you have an immense rush of excitement or blood flow to your brain. At that point, simply reduce the pace of penetration and pull out.

Ejaculate Some Distance Away
When you can correctly time when you feel the rush, it’s now time to have your semen gushing out with incredible speed. This is another critical moment as the point where you ejaculate can determine if your effort will be futile or not. The moment you pull out, try the much you can to ejaculate some distance away from her labia region.

This is important as any sperm cell close to the vagina region may just easily find it’s way in and cause fertilisation to occur. The safest area is around her pelvis where she can easily wash off without having to fear she’d mistakenly send your sperm cells in.

Something To Note
Some researchers believe that pre-ejaculate or pre-cum contain enough sperm cells left in the urethra of your partner from a previous ejaculation which may result in pregnancy. The advantages inherent in pulling out is that your partner doesn’t have to worry about going on pills but it doesn’t protect against sexually transmitted infections such as HIV, Gonorrhea and Hepatitis.

It’s best you’re in a monogamous relationship or in the alternative use protection to avoid risks. But if you want to ride the raw way, nothing beats the points we’ve given.



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