An Average Guy’s Guide To Having The Perfect First Kiss

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The first kiss is always the hardest isn’t it? This is so because it gives a range of emotions including, fear, excitement, joy, insecurity and relief. And this is exactly what happens the first time you’re about to kiss that person you have feelings for. The thing with kissing is that it always seems like the first time, every time you kiss a new person.

So here’s a guide for every average guy out there that will help you get your kissing act together to deliver a perfect kiss whenever you reach out for one. You however should know the different types of kisses and how to go about them.

Intro Kiss

first kiss
This kiss is the first you will ever get with your partner. This type of kiss can happen as a greeting or simply to gauge the chemistry between you and a prospective partner. For whatever reason the kiss is happening, it is a good way of getting to know how the other person kisses.
How to go about it:
At the right time (you will know the time is right especially when she begins to lean closely to you); close the distance by meeting her halfway and in a split-second, close your eyes. Tilt your head to the left or right (ensuring your partner is tilting to the opposite side to prevent noses from colliding) and gently touch your lips to that of your partner. Make sure your lips are slightly apart while applying a little pressure. When she reciprocates, make your lips linger a few seconds and you have a perfect intro kiss!

French Kiss

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The difference between the intro kiss and the French kiss is that the latter occurs with the mouth a little more open and the tongue is actively involved. If you have a good intro kiss, chances are your partner will move into French kissing, which means they like what they’re doing and how you’re reciprocating.
How to go about it:
When you’ve delivered a good intro kiss, you will likely feel the kiss intensifying and your partner might tease you a bit with their tongue by opening their mouth a bit. You should reciprocate by opening your mouth as much as your partner opens hers. If you initiated the french kiss, gently touch your partner’s tongue with yours and pull back into your mouth. Remember never to stick your tongue into your partner’s mouth without giving her prior notification except you’re willing to have your very first and last kiss right there and then. Come up once in a while to catch your breath and remember to give you and your partner a few minutes of deep and intimate intro kisses before proceeding for the french kiss.


There are some things you should however put right before proceeding for a kiss. Ensure you have good oral hygiene by regularly brushing and flossing your teeth. This should prevent unwanted mouth odour which can be a huge turn off for your intended kissing partner. Also watch the type of food you eat prior to the time of kissing to avoid any odour which your partner may find offensive.

And there you have it. Go out there and give that woman you’ve been eyeing the perfect kiss to remember for a lifetime.



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