An Average Guy’s Guide To Measuring Your Length And Knowing The Right Condom Size

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Penis size a lot of the time is a source of serious concern to a lot of guys. It is also a subject that the female folks look into in an effort to ascertain if their man has the right size of male genitalia.

The size of the average penis is shrouded in controversies simply because a lot of men measure their ‘tools’ incorrectly which has most times been misrepresented by the media. This alone causes a distortion in the perception of the size of penises of a lot of men including what the average should be. By doing this men have distorted perceptions.
One of the reasons why you may want to have an idea of what your size is, is to find the right condom that fits you and of course, hold bragging rights. As such, we are providing a guide for you to know exactly what you measure.

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How to measure penis length
To get an accurate measurement of your penis, measure from your pelvic bone to the tip of your fully erect penis. Place the measuring tape right along the top. You can also make use of a ruler but try as much as possible not to stab yourself with it if it is made from metallic or wooden materials.
Make sure that your penis is fully erect and straight. If you have a slightly curved penis, a measuring tape would be best for you to measure along the curve.

  • Gaining An Erection
    This may be a little bit difficult for you except your partner is fully in on what you want to do. Try the best you can to approach the measurement of your penis with a humorous mind but you shouldn’t take it overboard with taking Viagra or dressing up simply because you want to look fancy when you take your measurements. Be a little more concerned with getting as much empirical results. Erotic magazines and videos may also come in handy.
  • Taking Your Measurements
    Once your penis is erect, be it straight or bent, make use of a flexible measuring tape which bends along the curvature of your penis. Place the measuring device on top of your penis with the sides having the rulings facing upwards. The length of the penis can be measured from the area which your penis joins your groin to the tip of the penis.
  • Interference
    The amount of fat you have in your groin and the bush size around that area can have a significant effect on the result of your measurements. As such, it’s best you place your ruler or measuring tape right at the base of the shaft. Ensure you press the measuring tape firmly against your groin. By pressing firmly into the groin, the maximum length of your penis can be obtained without having to worry about measuring groin fat and pubic hair. Moreover, shaving your pubic hair and having a liposuction to reduce your groin fat can increase the visual perception of the length of the penis.
  • How to measure penis circumference
    This one is quite easy and all you have to do is wrap the measuring tape across the widest part of your erect penis shaft. Only a measuring tape can be used here but there appears to be a huge difference in the width and circumference of a penis which seems to be dependent on how erection was achieved. Full erection is best achieved through oral sex as opposed to other types of sex.

More so, measuring the girth of the penis mid-shaft where it has even thickness will provide more accuracy. This will give a very accurate measure of the penis girth/circumference. If the head of your penis is significantly larger, it is OK to measure it as well. This can help you choose a condoms that come in flared shape which provide more space for the larger glans head.

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