An Average Guy’s Guide To Making Her Do Anything You Desire

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There’s hardly a man out there that doesn’t want to learn the rudiments of getting a woman to submit to their desires. As a matter of fact, the need to want to learn how to make women want you is something that is innate and always finds a way to rear it’s head no matter how much we try to fight it.

A lot of guys however find it difficult to achieve this innate desire which is why more often than not, you find them ending up in the friend zone with the women they desire. Some on the other hand get the girls but end up losing them because they lack the ability to maintain the necessary spark that women crave for in relationships.

Here’s a guide that you and every average guy out there can use to work your way up from being undesirable to getting her to do all you want.

The Foundation
If you’re new to the seduction game, their are quite a number of things you need to get right. The things you need to focus on range from your appearance, dressing, smile, confidence and general outlook.

Be Confident
It is important you act like a real man when you are with the woman you want. A lot of guys fail in confidence when in the presence of a woman. They most times mistakenly try to befriend a woman they are interested in at all cost which usually backfires. The truth is they tend to lose their masculinity by doing so, and as such fail to attract their target in any sexual form. This is a mistake you should avoid by all means. There’s actually nothing wrong with talking freely and comfortably with a woman or sharing things in common, but losing your manly edge is one thing you should avoid as that is what will attract her sexually to you.
Being confident is perhaps the first step to getting her to do your desires. man is a first step to seduction success.

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Maintain Seductive Conversation
Nasty talk will most times push a girl away from you. Yet, this is one mistake a lot of men make. A lot of men cannot decipher the difference between vulgar words and using the right language that will arouse her and tickle her imagination. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with talking dirty but it is essential to know the type of words that will fire up her imagination and those that will be repulsive to her. What you want is for her to do your desires not to come off as a jerk.

Attract Her Non-Verbally
Body language is one thing that is grossly underused by men when it comes to getting a woman to do their desires. If at present you have problems getting any positive results, there is still space for improvements.
When you use the right body language when talking to a woman, there shouldn’t be much trouble getting her to do your bidding as she’d be assured and relaxed around you. The level at which she’s relaxed with you is one you should aim for. This is because once got can attract a woman sexually and get her to be comfortable with you, every other thing such as getting her to do your desires will fall in place.

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Hacking Her Mind
This is a more powerful technique that should only be worked on after you have mastered the basics. Hacking her mind can instantly get her on your side but shouldn’t be used irresponsibly on every girl.
A key element of this is Fractionation. This technique is a combination of hypnosis and emotional bonding. Supporters of the theory claim that fractionation can make a woman fall in love and get in bed with you in just 15 minutes. Despite all the hype however, the method is really just a specific conversation technique aimed to elicit strong emotions from a female that she will then associate with you.
It entails building a bond, starting up an emotional conversation and building suspense. It’s essential you make her work for your attention by acting aloof. This is because If she feels too comfortable around you, she most likely will lose interest.



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