An Average Guy’s Guide To Knowing What Position Fits Your Penis Size

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When it comes to satisfying your partner, size really doesn’t matter. Whether you’re large and well-endowed or you’re a little bit lacking downside, there’s a sex position that’s best for your exact shape and size. Scientists estimate that the average length of a fully erect penis can range from between 12 to 14 cm and that of a flaccid penis from 8 to 12 cm. The girth or circumference on the other hand is estimated to be between 9 to 12 cm when erect and 8 to 10 cm when flaccid.

Penises however come in different shapes and sizes and women have little concern regarding this. What they are most concerned about is how you can use your tool to get them to orgasm.

Check out the different penis sizes and a guide to using them to the full satisfaction of you and your partner.

Thinner Guys

The best position for you with the thin penis is one in which her legs are brought in closer together. This will allow you feel bigger inside of her. You may want to consider starting off with the doggy style while ensuring her legs are tightly pressed together and get her to move forward slowly till she’s lying flat on her belly. Doing this will make everything seem tight and pleasurable for both of you.

The Thick Mamba

If the circumference of your penis is on the very thick side, you may want to consider bringing some lubricant along when you want to make out with your partner. The cowgirl position would be best to start off with. It will be the most comfortable for her to control the depth and speed of penetration. You can then switch to another style when she gets really wet.


The Average Dude

The fact that your penis seems so perfect doesn’t mean it actually is. You may need to spice things up a lot by experimenting in the bedroom. Try different angles, including spreading her legs apart and keeping them close together to determine which one creates the highest sexual impact. You may also want to consider bringing a sex toy into the mix or using your fingers to rub her clitoris while your penis is inside of her.

Big And Well-endowed

If you are big and well-endowed than the normal average guy out there, it is important you do all you can to control the speed and depth at which you carry out penetrative sex. This is because the penis is between 8 to 10 cm on the average and anything exceeding this can be pretty painful for women.

There’s however no reason to fret as there are sex positions that are ideal for sizes that exceed the typical vagina. A very good position for your well-endowed member is the reverse cowgirl position. This position allows her to control the pace and depth of your penis inside of her. Moreover, the reverse cowgirl position has been ranked by various polls as one of the most enjoyable sex position for women and is one position that can get your partner to orgasm.
If you’re however particular about being in control, you can also try out the missionary position. You should however ensure that you keep her legs closer together to avoid going in too deep and hurting her.

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Small Johnnys

There’s no reason to panic if you’re lacking down there. All it takes is for you to be able to work with your resource and still make her have a good time with you. The best sex position for you are the rear entry positions such as doggy style which has actually been voted the favourite sex position in England, Wales and the Netherlands. Doggy style allows for the deepest penetration possible with your small member while also giving your hands freedom to play with other sensitive parts of her body.



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