An Average Guy’s Guide To Joining The Beard Gang

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You want that awesome beard that all men that belong to the beard gang flaunt proudly but don’t know how to about it? Look no further as we provide a guide that will make your beards the envy of all in no time.

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The very first thing to do to grow a beard is to stop shaving and wait. As a matter of fact, you will gain the trait of patience to become a beardsman simply because it will take months for your beard to grow to its appropriate length. As your beard grows in length, you will face several challenges. The beauty with beards is that you can style it in many different ways. It is best you grow what you have. And by this, we mean you should grow your beards based on your genetic makeup into a style that fits your best parts of the beard.

The Physical Part
Your genes have a lot to do in determining if you’d be able to grow a beard or not. Asides genes however, stress, physical damage and bad diet also have a significant impact on your ability to grow a beard. Some of the things you need to consider to grow a faster and better beard include not living an ideal life. By this we mean not having the perfect stress levels, workout regimen or diet.
Blood supplements can help to make up for any deficiencies you have in your diet which may include biotin (more recently called vitamin H) which helps hair and nails grow faster. Also, magnesium, zinc and vitamin B complex play a large role too.

Furthermore, the hormone -testosterone helps beards to grow better. Eating more red meats, spinach, nuts and olive oil can do a lot to boost testosterone levels. Externally, you need to avoid picking at your beards and focus more on stroking them. Picking split ends, or focusing on single beard hairs can create more split ends, patches and usually has an overall damaging effect on your beards.

To maintain your beards and minimise the growth of bacteria in and around your facial hair, it’s best you thoroughly rinse your beards everyday before taking your bath. You can wash your beards with beard wash at least 3 times a week and also apply moisturising oil at least 3 times a week.

First 2 Weeks
The first 2 weeks will usually present with itching, patchiness and a general shaggy appearance. The reason for the itch is because once you shave, the new sharp hair pierces through your skin to emerge and later grow long enough to poke at your skin.
You’d have to man up and wait for this to pass as it’s only temporary and will pass shortly. You can also apply moisturisers (avoid alcohol based ones to avoid drying of your skin) to ease up on the itch. There’s no need for a shampoo at this stage since your beards are still short. Use natural bar soaps instead that do not contain chemicals. The itchy phase is usually followed by the untidy phase and you can make your beards neat by trimming the neckline, mustache lips and upper cheeks. If you however want a natural beard, you should leave your beards untouched.
To maintain the length of your new beards, it’s better you use scissors for the trimming instead of clippers. This will rule out the chances of you making guard mistakes which will give you more control. Comb out your beards and trim to the desired length.

After 2 Months
The fun in joining the beard gang usually starts after 2 months as that is when you begin to notice all the funky things your beard can do. The beards that was once straight and neat begins to look naturally wavy and curly.

After 3 months
After 3 months and above, you won’t be required to wash your beards frequently as doing so once or twice weekly would suffice. However, it is essential you rinse thoroughly each day and apply moisturising oil daily. And of course, you should never shave off your hard grown beard as a dare or when you’re under the influence of alcohol.

As your beard grows longer, you may need to blow them out to make them look fuller and more tidy. Blowing out from your neck upwards will make the hair “poof” out and look more fluffy. With a longer beard, you’ll may find that using a blow dryer will help your beard look fuller and more tidy. A wooden or metallic comb can be used to comb out the hair.

The last thing you need to have is patience. Beards take quite some time and they will grow, you just need to be patient. The best things in life take time, don’t they?



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