An Average Guy’s Guide To Giving That Erotic Massage That Leads To Sex

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Every man at one time or the other has struggled with getting things physical and sexual with the woman they like. One thing we all probably failed to realise is that the bridge between normal conversation and explosive sex could be a massage.

We are going to give you a guide to follow that can allow you go from having a fancy meal at a restaurant or watching a movie at the cinemas to giving an erotic massage in the bedroom.

While You’re On A Date
When you’re out with your woman at the cinemas or restaurant, put your arm on her shoulder and give her a little rub there. Make it as casual as possible and ask her if she enjoys the little rub. When she answers in the affirmative (they mostly do), take your hand away and say “maybe I’ll give you a massage later” and proceed to switch the conversation. This will sow the seed in her mind.
It’s entirely your business how you get her from the venue of the date to your house but you may want to consider asking if she would like anything else after you both have spent hours outside. The moment she says no, leave and head straight to your place except she has an objection.

Your Place
Now you’re at your place and the best thing to do is to allow her relax then tell her you’d give her a massage. Take her hand and lead her to the bedroom while she watches you arrange and put everything in place. Doing this will make her take you seriously and see you as a professional that is willing to keep the distance in order to get things done the right way. You can try dimming the light to get her to relax.

After this, it’s time to tell her to lie face down with all her clothes off except her underwear. Telling her this will get her to relax as she will focus more on the fact that she still has some clothing on.

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Accentuate The Mood With Music
It’s best to have some music playing in the background to set the mood right for the massage. Try to get a good and sensual playlist that will set the mood right for the massage about to come up. You can also try searching online stores and applications such as Spotify for massage music. Listen to them beforehand to be sure they will give you the right rhythm.

Get Some Oil
The next thing to get right is the massage oil. Get oil that smells nice and is smooth to touch. When the oil is ready, you need to get a little undressed by telling her in the most sexy tone possible that “I’ll take my shirt off so I don’t get oil on it”. You can then strip down to your shorts after this.

Start The Action
The best thing to do here is to straddle her back but remember to hold your own weight why you do this to avoid her feeling the whole impact. Pour some of the oil into your palms and warm it up by rubbing before applying it to her upper back area. After doing this for about 20 seconds, ask her if you can undo her bra as it is getting in the way of you giving her a proper massage.
As you undo the clasp of her bra, watch to see if she tosses the bra aside or keeps it on. The first option suggests she’s willing to get physical. Spend at least five minutes massaging her upper back and shoulders while ensuring that you get the rhythm right. Ask her if the pressure is right while ensuring that you’re not too fast as this can kill the vibe. Proceed to her lower back and sides while also spending a few minutes on her arms and hands.
The last part should be the legs and feet. Bend one of her legs and start rubbing her foot and lower leg before moving to the other leg.

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Turn The Heat Up
This is the last and most important part. Work your hands slowly on one leg, ensuring one hand is on the inside and the other on the outside. Rub through her thighs and close enough to her honey pot before turning the hand close to it away at the last moment. Doing this five to seven times will increase her anticipation each time your hands are close and you can also gently brush by.

If she shows signs like moaning, raising her butt or tightening her muscles, you’re close. Proceed to massage her butt before going back to her shoulders. Get close enough that she can feel your breathing on her skin and kiss her on the cheeks while you massage her shoulders. Move the kisses to her lips and the rest as they say is history.

And there you have it guys. Buy the oil, download the music and set the mood right for a massage like never before.



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