An Average Guy’s Guide To Getting Her To Have Really Dirty Sex

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It’s believed that the average man is a sexual pervert that has his mind filled with dirty sexual ideas that would repulse the average woman. This however doesn’t mean you should think you’re weird for thinking this way as every girl also has a dirty side. It may however be a big challenge to get your girl to reveal the nasty thoughts she has in her mind.

To determine if the woman you’re with is open to experimenting with dirty sex, you may want to try asking a few innocent questions such as “Do you own any sex toys?”, “What do you fantasize about when you masturbate?” and “What is something you’ve always wanted to try?”

These questions are throbbing enough to get her to open up and share intimate details of her sexual personality with you and will most likely lead her down the path of dirty sex. If she seems not to be into it, don’t worry, this guide is to help you get both the kinky and non-kinky into the dirty sex mix.

Tell Her Your Fantasies
It’s important that you are open with her about the craziest fantasies you have and the very first step is telling her about your darkest fantasies. The sooner you do this, she’d probably do the same. The moment she does that, show a lot of enthusiasm for her ideas as this is the best way for you to get her to agree to dirty sex. You should however try to make her see the discussion in the realm of fantasy. Don’t go on with telling her about your experiences with dirty sex in the past or that will be the end of your dirty sex attempt.

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Make It A New Experience
Irrespective of whether you have tried dirty sex before, make what you have with your present partner a new experience. Think of the things you’ve never tried before and bring it up. The idea that you’re starting off on a level playing field will make her likely let go of her inhibitions with you. If you approach her with expert talk and advice, she will most likely become withdrawn instead of being open to enjoying herself.

Play A Sex Game
The best way to get started after you’ve made her as relaxed as possible with the idea of getting dirty is to get it on with a sex game. Talking is way much easier than getting it done and that’s why you may want to employ certain tools such as cards and board games. The aim is to get you to bring some dirty fun to your love life and you may need to employ your imagination to create your own sex game. You can try out the “Truth or Dare” game and the primary idea is to get both of you to open up and try things out.

Read Erotic Stories or Watch Porn Together
Any type of erotic acting can be found everywhere from libraries to the internet. There are however lots of quality stories from the “mills and boom” stable written in details which can do the job. You and your partner can check out a bookstore and pick out something that appears interesting enough to fulfil your desires. You can also get each other in the mood by watching porn actors get in the mood. If either of you is not into watching porn, the fact that you’re both trying to get dirty may actually make one of you want to consider squeezing in a video or two.

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As a man, you’re expected to make the first move if you really want to get nasty in the bedroom. Even if she’s willing to go all out for it, she probably won’t start things off. Start by talking dirty to her to set the mood right and she will likely follow your lead.

It is difficult for a lot of women to reveal their innermost desires talk more of acting on them. The moment she’s comfortable enough with talking about her dirty desires. Tell her some of your own secrets desires and try new things out. She may surprise you at the end of the day with much better dirty ideas than you could ever fathom.



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