An Average Guy’s Guide To Having The ‘Boyfriend Voice’

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Some people are naturally blessed with sensual and enticing voices that has women practically eating out of the palms of their hands. There are however certain exercises that if practised can help you have that sweet and enticing voice irrespective of how unpleasant your voice may be to the ears. The more you work on these exercises, the sooner your transformation will begin from croaky and boring to the beautiful and loving boyfriend voice every woman desires.

Take It Deep
Speaking from the deeper range of your voice allows you to send a message to your listener that you are sexually assured, calm and comfortable with your voice. You send out the wrong signals when your voice emerges in a higher pitch because it gives the impression that you’re insecure and sexually disconnected from your own body.
You can try exercising your voice by humming a tune you enjoy in descending order or from high to low. You don’t necessarily have to get the tune right or worry about singing off key, the act of humming alone can have a tremendous effect on your voice. While humming, focus the sound of the hum in and around the area known as the facial mask or your upper lip and nose. This will give you that sexy and agreeable voice.

You can also try focusing on your body while you hum. You should feel some vibrations moving from your head to your chest. The moment you feel this, try and determine the particular note that stimulated the feeling and proceed to speak on that pitch. This can be a reference pitch for you when you talk.

Speak Low
For you to have that ideal boyfriend voice, you obviously should keep your voice soft and quiet. This quality can be enhanced without you having to continually whisper. Varying how loud or quiet your voice gets during a conversation can be an instant tonic for arousal.

Furthermore, you can practice how to control the volume and pitch of your voice by softening the volume on certain key words which can stir feelings in your partner and also signal sensual feelings in you. For example, the phrase “I have got an off day tomorrow and I’d love to share it with you.” the latter part of the phrase “I’d love to share it with you,” can be spoken in a lowered tone to get maximum effect.

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Resonation and Vibration
Having a resonant voice is important as it means your voice is rich in overtones which can be compared to the voices of Newscasters and OAPs. The vibrations that come with a resonant voice can have a major calming and relaxing effect on your girlfriend when used appropriately. When combined with the right speech, expression and mannerisms, your voice can get your girlfriend feeling wet for you all the time. The key thing with getting a resonant sound is to focus on your vocal placement. This means you should focus more on how your voice is amplified.

You can try exercising by vibrating consonants which can activate resonation. Stress out consonants like “b” and “m”, while you keep vowels short. When this is done properly, you should feel tickled on the lips. Remember not to strain your voice by going too high. You can try using expressions like “be my baby” or “come be mine”. The essence is to stress the consonants and keep the vowels as short as possible.

This is perhaps the most important part as the way you express your genuine feelings and desires can be as endearing and enticing to your partner as it gets. Allowing genuine feeling and desire to come through your voice can be both endearing and enticing to your date or partner. You can try practising voice grounding. Do this by playing any kind of music you find arousing. Allow the sounds to permeate your body while you stay connected to the sensations of your body. Use your voice to describe what you feel. The moment you seek your partner, remind yourself of the way you were feeling while listening to the provocative tunes and proceed to talk to her in that manner.



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