An Average Girl’s Guide To Understanding His Moods

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Tears and tantrums are for girls, sulking and mood swings are for boys.

Sometimes knowing what makes him tick can be a needle in a haystack or the proverbial donkey through the eye of a needle, but if a girl knows the tricks and turns, even Cleopatra’s deception of Julius and Mark Antony will pale in comparison.

Here’s a simple guide

Pay Attentionpay attention

Understand his moods by paying attention. A woman’s job is to keenly observe, like a hawk waiting to clamp down on a chick. Paying attention will intuitively enable you ask the right questions such as, “what makes him happy? what makes him sad? why is he mad about this issue today, but didn’t even bat an eye over it last week?” Because this week, an outside ‘factor’ influenced his reaction. What is that factor? Is it you, work, or something else? If you pay attention, you’ll be able to note the breadcrumbs that ignite his mood. It’s in the little things.

One can only successfully pass a subject if they pay attention to it.

Talk Less, Do More

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Understand his moods by letting him do the talking.  You can find out a lot by letting the man do the talking, regardless what mood he’s in. If or when he gets into one of ‘his moods’ and doesn’t want to talk, it’s time to input all the knowledge you have learnt about him to get him out of his morose state. One sure-fire way is to show you care and you’re willing to wait until he outgrows this phase. Do nice things for him when he gets moody and he’ll come out of it faster.

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Be Clear And Specific


Men know what they want. Women on the other hand are usually not specific and men hate this. When men shop for an item, they go in, pick it up, pay and they’re out; unlike women who will have a full list of what they want to buy, but will go into the shop and spend extra hours going back and forth on what they really want. Every plan they had before shopping flies out the moment they enter the store.

To understand his mood, a woman must learn to be specific in her words and deeds to avoid putting him off and sending him into a ‘mood’. The key here is knowing specifically what influenced his mood and finding a way around it or avoiding it totally.

Stroke His Ego


Understand his mood by treating him like a king. If possible,you could deliberately influence his temperament just to observe how he reacts to a situation. If the action elicits a negative reaction, you’ll know to avoid it; if it elicits a positive reaction, you can add that to your list-of-things-he-likes. It’s important to treat a man right so he doesn’t get into a mood. In addition, treating a man like a king will make him come out of it faster. Truth is, there’s nothing men love than being treated like a king. Even if/when a woman feels like she doesn’t want to treat him like a king, she should endeavor to stroke his ego once in a while. It’d always put him in a good mood.

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Control His Moods


Men like women who can take the reins in a relationship, though they’ll deny this till they die but it’s true. When a woman has learnt the tricks and turns to understanding her man’s mood, she gets control over his actions and can always get him out of his mood-swings should he fall into one. She’ll be able to avoid any factor that will cause him to sulk or throw a tantrum because she finally understands what the problem is and can proffer solutions before it escalates.

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