An Average Guy’s Guide To Dirty Talk

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Dirty talk will do you as a guy a lot of good and you may not realise it until you get rebuffed by a girl for being too nice with your words. Mental stimulation is much more important than physical stimulation or anything else for women. This means that women love to be played and teased mentally with  dirty words with which they can fantasise about the things you will do to them in the bedroom.

Talking dirty the right way will probably have her chasing you for sex because she always wants to experience the orgasm you make her imagine. You however need to warm her up before spewing filthy words that will make her crave for your body.

Do The Ground Work
One of the most important things for women is trust and they want to be as comfortable as it gets with you before you start talking dirty with them. As such, you have to build rapport and attraction over time. Doing this may take hours, weeks or months and is most times dependent on how sexual the girl is.

Employ Fantasy Or Questions and Answers
Anytime you hang out with her or you’re talking to her on the phone, you can try having a question about and answer session that can put you both in the dirty talk mood. An example of what to ask her is “What do you enjoy most during sex..?” or “What’s something you’d like to do but haven’t gotten around to doing yet in the bedroom?”

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Use Certain Words
If you’ve already had sex with her, talking dirty with her can be a bit easy as you can simply drop a few dirty lines here and there inside of the bedroom which you can later use as a text message or when you’re out on a date. Words like “your breasts are absolutely perfect” can come in as a dirty complementary during the process of having sex. When you’re done having sex, you can simply send her a message saying “I’m still thinking about how amazing your ass is…, your boobs are just incredible”.
Also pay attention to the words she moans during sex as you can use them to talk dirty to her later on.

Make Use Of The Most Comfortable Tool
And by tool we mean what you’re most comfortable with in conveying your dirty words to her. Verbal means are best when you have some level of understanding with the girl but texting and the use of social media can also do the job. Texting on one hand can have her imagining the words you type and also helping to build up sexual tension for onward activation.

Make Her Want More
You should learn to be the one to initiate the dirty talk while also pushing it to the point where it gets very intense and exciting. Not doing this may make the situation boring especially if you keep saying the same things over and over again. Consider using phrases like, “Guess what… you’re mine tonight…” Or “I just took a look at your picture and you’ve got me thinking of all the things I want to do to you!”

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The Don’ts
Don’t go straight to talking dirty with a girl you just met as you will come off as nothing but a pervert which will freak her out. Never go over the top with your words unless she asks you to. If you suspect she’s getting angry, chances are you introduced it a little too early, used a word she didn’t like or you were too aggressive. In this case, it’s best to take a step back and analyse the situation. Get back in touch with her and apologise.

Some women may however get offended by certain words which may be considered to be extreme while others will get right along with it. It’s best you test the waters and get along with the flow. Now that’s how you go about talking dirty to a girl. Put all into use and thank us later.



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