An Average Guy’s Guide To Picking The Right Cologne

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Choosing the right cologne is a task not to be taken with kids gloves. This is because it is as important as selecting the right suit or the right type of shoes which are important to your lifestyle. It is important your cologne fits your lifestyle and as such, it’s best you consider going for a base scent that you feel comfortable wearing. A lot of the colognes available that are designed for men have a strong and masculine smell which is usually based on citrus and strong notes of musk. These ingredients provide the foundation for floral options and spices which are of much lighter notes.

Determining the right type of cologne will help you make a good first impression, suit your lifestyle, enhance and announce your presence at a gathering or social function.

Follow this guide to pick the cologne that best suits your lifestyle.

The Urban Hippie
Being an Urbanite means you’re always on the edge and ready to move once you’re called. This is the reason why every cologne is not for you if you fall in this category. It’s best you pick a cologne that allows you move from a fancy dinner in a restaurant to a board meeting without breaking sweat. The best cologne base for the urban hippie should contain green citrus notes and strong green cedar.
Calvin Klein’s Men-Euphoria comes in handy for the Urbanite as it contains cedar leaves, black basil, Brazilian redwood and patchouli. It gives you a light smell that remains in the consciousness of people you come across daily.

The Athletic Man
If you are a sport person, you don’t have to go all out wanting to smell like a mixture of grass and sweat. The best type of cologne for you is the type that enhances your natural sweaty smell while also having a strong enough fragrance to attract women that you share the same passion.
The ideal cologne for you is one that has a mixture of musk and bergamot with the former overshadowing the latter. This mixture provides you with an invigorating smell that can cross over from sporty to reserved professional. The ‘Sure’ and ‘Versace Pour Homme’ come in handy here.

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The Young Professional
If your career path is one that is professional, it’s best you present yourself as well groomed and one that smells like someone who cherishes and enjoys his profession. The best option for you is a cologne that has a strong base of cedar wood and tobacco forming the foundation of basil and coriander. This mixture is a classic scent which best works for young professionals but may not have the same effect on older men. Dolce & Gabbana’s ‘The One’ is a good choice.
Moreover, extreme cologne by Paul Smith is also a good choice as it has a lighter scent for the edgy young man. If you work in a department that creativity is essential, then this should be your choice as it is spice-filled and has the ability to change your perspective with its mixture of bergamot and hesperidia which gives way to reveal nutmeg and cardamom.

The Man of All Times
One of the most complicated things in life is being a man and there are colognes which gives you an idea of what suits you best. A scent that is present in a quiet and stoic manner is one that suits the man of all times best. If you fall in this category. You’d want to choose a cologne which has base notes of wood and earth. They are unwavering in their presence yet quietly stoic through base notes of wood and earth.
A good choice is Gucci by Gucci which has a complicated fusion of aromas ranging from cedarwood, bergamot to patchouli. It also has a mixture of tobacco and black pepper which gives rise to floral top notes. It’s a complex mix and is best suited for men in their late 30s who have seen how complicated the world can be.

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The way nicely pressed clothes, good shoes and a great haircut accentuates your appearance, so does the right cologne. Instead of looking for a decent scent that leaves her weak in the knees or the one that has heads turning, it’s best you choose one that screams you above every other thing.



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