An Average Guy’s Guide To Having Steamy Morning Sex

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There’s no best time to have sex as every time of the day is acceptable. Some scientists however believe that having sex in the morning is more beneficial than any other time. There’s a buildup of testosterone overnight that goes a long way in boosting the libidos and coital instincts of men in the morning. More so, there’s also an increase in the levels of vasopressin – a hormone that helps to give feelings of emotional attachment.

That being said, make your woman feel as comfortable as possible and follow this guide to have steamy morning sex whenever you feel like it.

Commence the process slowly by holding her close before making any sexual move. This process helps to release oxytocin, a hormone that helps both of you feel connected. Avoid rushing her as this may make your entire move go south. You can from then on, slowly move your hands to her arms and hair, gently stroking it. Proceed to her breasts and genitals while ensuring she’s as relaxed as possible.

Compliment Her
Dirty talk should be saved for the night. If you want to have steamy sex in the morning, you’ll have to go the route of telling her how beautiful and sexy she looks without having any clothing on. This will most likely erase any inhibitions.

Switch Positions
There’s a possibility that either of you might feel repulsed with your morning breath. Try avoiding positions like missionary and mouth to mouth kissing. Turn her around and try spooning or doggy style. This will steer you both away from any unwanted stench which will make you both relaxed to enjoy the act.

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Morning Rush
It takes some time for women to reach full levels of arousal. Because it’s in the morning, one of you may already be thinking of the day and ahead which may be a source of distraction. To stay focused, you may want to keep phones and alarms on silent mode. If this doesn’t work, you may have to trick her mind and yours by setting the alarm clock early by one hour. This will help you have ample time for morning sex before rushing off to work.

Imaginative Positions
Depending on the type of person your partner is, you may want to try positions that don’t require much physical exertion. The can opener position is missionary style with one of her legs bent upward or resting on your shoulder. This position allows for intimacy and deep penetration without much physical exertion. If you’re however energetic, you can make it as steamy as you want with the wheelbarrow and doggy style.

Less Light
Stark daylight is not the sexy ambience you want to create for your steamy morning sex. If you’re in a committed relationship, it’s important you bare it all as this signifies that both of you trust and accept each other in totality. If you however have a feeling that your partner feels shy around you, you can add a little covering on a part of her body.

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Make Her Feel It
Since you’d have your testosterone levels at its highest in the morning, you’re probably ready to have short and hot sex. High levels of testosterone works to increase sexual desire and this will likely result in high post-sex oxytocin levels which will make you want to crave for bonding.
Women on the other hand don’t wake up in the morning with similar levels of arousal but like all humans, their bodies are also primed for sex too, albeit in a different way. The best way to make her feel it is to sweet talk her by telling her of a previous sexual experience. This will turn her on immensely which can make her to want to put her imagination into good use and try newer positions as opposed to the routine ones you both are used to.



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