Album Review: Relax and Let Joy Oladokun ‘Carry’ You Through Love

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Joy Oladokun Carry [Album Review]

In a café, going through mails, when a mail from one of my favorite sources of music –Charlotte Gomes– hits in. ‘Carry’, an album by Los Angeles based Nigerian singer and songwriter – Joy Oladokun.

You don’t come across good music always.

Embracing the idea of less is more, the 10 tracks of the love themed album ‘Carry’ starts off with ‘Fight for It’. A Roots-Rock (For those who don’t know, Roots-Rock is a blend of folk, blues and country music) tune coupled with the story aimed at the survival of love, how not to let go without a fight – if it’s worth it.   The next track, brings out what I’ll possibly describe as a bit of Sia & Adele, as Joy’s vocal game and writing skills merged perfectly for a ‘Shelter’.

Whilst she turned to God on the alternative rock song ‘Young’, love turned into a heartfelt ‘Poison’.  A personal track that she used to outline her past relationship.

Poison is a song I wrote about a relationship that I loved being in, but in the end we both knew that we weren’t bringing out the best in each other. I think one of the hardest lessons that I’ve had to learn in love, is that sometimes the most loving thing you can do for someone (and for yourself) is let them go. – Joy Oladokun.

Half way into the album, the title track is where Joy describes the world as ‘a wonderful Chaos and Color’. Another alternative soulful song which explains what two-old-souls are meant to do i.e. ‘Carry’ each other.

With tracks like Charleston, and Bread + Wine, Joy effortlessly makes the album ‘Cold as Fire’ you can’t even get over it after your first take even if you ‘Say You Will’.

Animals & Angels helps solidify the fact that Joy Oladokun is a fiend of soul music as she puts out her loneliness and fear outside for her listeners.

The album ‘Carry’ by Joy Oladokun, is a Roots-Rock classy music coupled with honesty, soul and trust of Joy’s songwriting skills –not ignoring her heartwarming vocals-.

It’s worth listening to. In other words, it’s worth every kobo/cent/penny – you should, get the album via iTunes HERE

By the way, who ever designed the album art deserves some trophies. Peep it below

Joy Oladokun Carry [Album Review]
Joy Oladokun Carry [Album Art]
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