Abby’s Diary #23 By Fiksionist

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Dear Diary,

Who no go no know.

For the first time I felt too numb to cry. I sat in the comfort of darkness and willed my mind to forget what I had seen but I knew that it will haunt me forever. I knew it wasn’t Jake’s… know what. Not because I had his like a billboard poster in my head but I knew that psycho would not hurt a strand of hair on his skin.

I knew I had sat there for a long time because by the time I got up, it was already dark and it looked like it would rain. I started with the small things before opening my box to fill it with my clothes. By the time I was done, it was 9:30pm. It was time to leave the hell-hole I had called my sanctuary of safety. I considered leaving my new phone but my people, the insane picture quality on that phone made me rethink. After all, I had left almost everything he gave so nobody should judge for taking the phone.


“Wow! This sounds like Hollywood.” Ogama said after I narrated my ordeal to her.

I had given in to tears, thinking the numb feeling will go away but it refused to, like it nudged me towards the truth I was afraid of facing.

“What is next?” She asked me as I reached for another sheet of Kleenex.

“Nothing. She can have him. He was never mine Ogama ‘cause a guy like that will never love a girl like me.”

Ogama hissed. “What sort of talk is that? Because a gay man’s wife wants you dead, that makes you unqualified for love? That guy has mental issues and none of this is your fault.”

“I need to go to Aunty Alero’s place for some time because Jake might just show up here or his crazy wife.”

“I agree but you cannot run away forever babe. Julius knows some police people and can-“

I raised my hand in objection. “This is already messy and as much as Jake has shattered my entire life, I know he will not hurt me. He will handle it.”

We sat in silence and to be honest, I felt a sense of peace creep up my spine, caressing me and giving me some sort of strange warmth. I was not going to be pressured anymore to leave my job or watch my weight or worry where Jake was. Yes, it was too soon to tell how I will feel but the bloody penis was enough to keep my mind afloat. I don’t want to die.


Staying with Aunty Alero was not funny at all. It was either morning devotion (where I mumbled words while nodding off to sleep) or cooking large meals for the numerous relatives that lived with her or being questioned about my mother and when I will get married. I missed my small apartment and the short-lived privacy I had enjoyed. Sigh.

Jake on the other hand almost set my phone on fire with calls and messages. I made a mental note while stirring a pot of egusi, to get a new sim card. I had to just end the madness before it destroys my iphone 6.

“Aunty your phone is ringing again.” One of Aunty’s house girl’s said, handing my phone over to me. I was about to reject the call when I saw it was an unknown number. Could it be Aura? My heart missed a beat as I answered the call, ready to give her a piece of my mind.

“Hello stranger.”

“Who is this?” I said in anger.

“Ermm…is this Abigail?”

I looked at the number again. “Yes?”

“Abigail are you okay? It’s Cheta…I thought you have my number?”

I took a deep breath. “Hi Cheta. I am sorry. I just…”

“Are you okay?” he sounded concerned.

“Just going through a hard time, that is all and I switched phones. How are you?”

“Hard time? Hmmmm. Wanna share over a plate of rice and dodo?”

I couldn’t help but smile as I reached for another cube of seasoning. “Nah. I am making dinner already.”

“Trust me, if you see this rice ehn, you will bow. I even have a sweating bottle of Pepsi waiting for you.”

I laughed a little. “No, maybe some other time.”

“Okay…if you insist.” We talked about work and other things and then he added before ending the call. “Abby I am a good listener and if it seems too much to take on, I am dial away”

“Thank you Cheta.”

The smile he left on my lips lingered for a while.



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  1. Thank you so much Abby. Although dat was kinda short. Anyways this Jake comes with so much drama, Abby needs to forget his gay ass fast. And Cheta is a welcome distraction and boyfriend material, Dnt care about dat yeye Zara. Anyways waiting on the next beautiful piece.

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