“A Final Album Is A Great Place To Stop”, Puff Daddy Retires From Music

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For those of us who knew the entire line to the song ‘I’ll be missing you’, it saddens us that Puff Daddy has retired from his lyrical talent and ventured into Hollywood to concentrate on a movie career.

Sean Combs, real name, already tested the film waters after starring in the movies Get Him to the Greek and Muppets Most Wanted and believes he’s ready to swim.

The rapper has been under the radar in the music industry in the past few years but his popular works such as, ‘I’ll Be Missing You’ and Biggie duet ‘Nasty Girl’, still make heads bop when it comes on.

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Announcing his retirement in Cigar Aficionado, Puff Daddy said:

“I’m going to put out my last album and devote 100% of my time to doing films. I want to stop at a great place. And a final album is a great place to stop. I want to take a victory lap, to do a world tour and really enjoy it one last time. 

When I’m gone, only the songs will survive. I know I’m making music that will live on. I don’t go into the studio just to be hot or to hear myself on the radio. 

Michael Jackson, Tupac, Biggie – part of them lives on in their music, even though they’re not here anymore. That’s really deep, man. The only thing like that is religion.”

One last album, PDiddy fans. He isn’t interested in making hit singles anymore, he wants to make evergreen music. Songs that will live on long after his death, call it lyrical eternity.

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Source: independent.co.uk

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