#StopFakePDAs: Imelda J Calls Out Annie Idibia And Omotola Amid Tiwa/TeeBillz Drama

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Imelda J has put Annie Idibia and Omotola on blast for faking public displays of affections as well as giving everyone the impression their marriage is ‘happy’ and ‘sweet’.

In an interview with Daily Post, the Benue songstress who is known for baring her mind said she supports Tiwa Savage’s bold move in granting a 45 minute-interview which told her own side of the story as ‘that was the only way since her husband literally dragged her out’.

Citing Tiwa as an example, she said that these fake ‘happily married’ stars were damaging many homes and blasted them to ‘Keep your kisses and love ventures to yourselves, don’t come and rub it on people’s faces in the social media. People would think it is all rosy, meanwhile, you are going through hell and pretending to be in heaven.’

Imelda then advised ‘Go and ask Tiwa. That was exactly what she did, meanwhile, she was in hell, paying bills.’

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Imelda who has been seen a few times with 2Face Idibia also called on his wife Annie Idibia and Omotola Jalade Ekehinde to ‘start learning from Tiwa Savage’s case.’

Miss J Love said these two as well as some other celebrities were ‘going through so much in their matrimonial homes’ yet they come out to make other people feel “why is my role model’s marriage sweet but mine isn’t?

Imelda also called out the excesses celebrities used in putting up appearances in the name of society wedding and queried, “why spend so much of that money when you would have invested it into a business?”.


While declaring she would never have married TeeBillz from the beginning if she was in Tiwa’s shoes, Imelda warned celebrities to quit putting up a facade which made their marriage look like everything is smooth.

She said, “No point coming to the public to rob it on peoples face like “oh my sweet heart, my love.” adding that “most of them would be slapped by their husbands and immediately after, they would go on the social media to confess love to their husband.”


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Fake or not, when you make a vow before God, it has to be taken seriously. Before going on the route of marriage, both parties should be a bit more observant and ask themselves tough questions. Is it really worth? There are always signs, no matter how little.

Source, DailyPost

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